How to Prepare for Spring Allergies

how to prepare for spring allergies

Spring has almost sprung! It’s time for warmer weather and outdoor activities—including power washing. Soon the gentle breezes will be wafting fresh pollen into your indoor/outdoor living spaces. Aggravating allergies across Central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania.  If your household struggles with springtime allergies, you can start taking steps to mitigate irritants (like mold, mildew, algae, and pollen) in your area today. Here’s how to prepare for spring allergies.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

One quick solution to allergen exposure is washing it all away. Taking a shower just after you’ve left the great outdoors can remove a good portion of the pollen on your skin and hair. If you don’t have time for a shower, washing just your face gets airborne irritants out of your eyes and nose. Change your clothes after you get inside and remember to regularly change your bedsheets. Basically, clean everything! Including your home’s exterior.  Our soft wash technique is a great way to remove harmful allergens around your property, leading to better health and more springtime fun! 

Keep It Outside

Fortify your house against the coming invasion! HEPA filters are an efficient way of removing dust, pollen, and other allergens from your air conditioning system.  But so are your doors and windows.  Hopefully, they’re all still properly sealed from this past winter.  However, if you’re swapping out glass storm windows/doors in favor of screened options, be sure to check them first.  In addition, try to keep shoes, jackets, and other items that regularly go outside in a separate space.  A hall closet or mudroom could be the perfect storage solution to limit allergies. 

When it comes to freshly cut spring flowers, you can still enjoy them! But if you want a fresh vase of blossoms without the pain, check out this list of best and worst flowers for those with pollen allergies.  Other than these, try to keep allergy-inducing materials outside as much as possible.  

Be Prepared

Prepare yourself for allergy season by forming beneficial habits! If your pets habitually play outside, they will carry everything back in with them. You can practice keeping them out of living and sleeping areas or look for ways to wipe off their fur before they interact with you. Regarding medication, pretreatment could help you in a big way. Prepping your immune system keeps you ready to face the incoming allergies. But sometimes, all that scrubbing and medication still isn’t enough to make outdoor entertaining tolerable.

To majorly reduce ambient pollen and other allergens in your outdoor areas, consider power washing. Peak Power Wash’s system uses a blend of cleansers specially tailored to your situation, reducing chemical waste and preserving the life of your porch, patio, and furniture. To stay ahead of allergies this spring, you can schedule your pressure washing ahead of time for a little peace of mind!



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