Why Being Outdoors is Good for Your Health

Open those doors and seize the day! As February snowstorms finally turn to April showers and the chill dissipates from the air, take an hour or two each day to relax outside in the fresh air. It’s not just enjoyable– it’s healthy. Here’s why being outdoors is good for your mental and physical health.


Grab the sunscreen and step into the light! Sunlight increases our level of vitamin D and has crucial mental health benefits. Just the thought of feeling sunshine on your face is instinctively calming; there’s something about that warmth that we all naturally seek out, whether we’re sunbathers or nature walkers. Spending time in the sun helps people relax and move away from worry. It’s linked to lower risks of depression and anxiety, illustrating how important a little outside time can be.

Stress Relief

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that spending time outside relieves stress and helps lower blood pressure as well as heart rate. There’s a reason why movies are so fond of sending characters outside because they “need some air!” Taking a breather (often literally) somewhere in nature is automatically calming, even if you’re simply standing under a tree outside your apartment building. Linked to this effect is decreased insomnia for those who have trouble sleeping. You don’t need to “become one with nature” if that’s not your vibe, but getting yourself to a green space, however small, is crucial for your state of mind and long term mental/emotional health.


Speaking of mental health, spending time outdoors means exercise for many people, and we all know the importance of remaining active! Working out is a great outlet for stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions and increases endorphins in the brain. Plus, feeling good physically often comes with a boost in mindset, especially if exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment. And you’re much less likely to sit on the couch all day if you’re not inside to do so! Being outside is an automatic motivator to be active, even if you’re just taking a walk. Getting your body moving outdoors might be the best thing you could do for yourself today!

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