Control Allergens in Your Yard with Outdoor Cleaning

The spring season is known for causing an onset of allergies due to the blooming cycle of the plants, but the summer can make these even worse. High temperatures, humidity, and the wind from summer storms can all cause allergens to swirl around in the air and attack your senses. After making the inside of your home as allergy-proof as possible, also consider actions you can take outside in your own yard to make your time outside in the sun enjoyable. You might wondering how to control allergens in your yard. Here are some tips.

Lawn Maintenance

It’s recommended to keep your lawn at the height of about 2 inches if you suffer from allergies. If it gets past this, the tops of the grass will produce more pollen. This will also keep weeds that can produce even more allergens at bay.

Utilize Plants That Give Off Fewer Allergens

Some types of flowers, trees, and shrubs give off more pollen than others. Get familiar with which ones can trigger allergies the most, and if you notice you have any in your yard, replace them with low-allergy plants. This kind will produce less pollen and make it easier for you to enjoy your time outside. Irises, tulips, and pansies are all considered low-allergy flowers. Dogwood and female juniper are low-allergy trees, and if you’re interested in fruits, pear and peach trees are also acceptable.

Plan Yard Working Time Strategically

Both the plants and the surrounding environment can have a significant effect on pollen levels in the air. Early morning and evening are good times because the pollen count is lower. Avoid mid-day and the afternoon when the sun is at its peak. Another ideal time to work in your yard is after rainstorms when excess pollen has been washed away. When in doubt, check to make sure the pollen index in your area is low before going outside.

Lessen Outside Allergens with Help From Peak Power Wash

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