Overcome Seasonal Allergies with These Pollen Prevention Tips

Spring is a time when people should be outside enjoying the pleasant weather. For many, however, the season is spent cooped up indoors dealing with sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, and watery eyes. It almost sounds like a continuation of flu season, but the real culprit is hay fever. Pollen is prevalent this time of year, with the fine yellow powder coming from trees, weeds, grasses, and flowers. It’s carried by the wind, which then leaves the dusty debris all over the place, covering houses, cars, and everything else outside. It all adds up to a season of suffering for those with hay fever and pollen allergies, but there are ways to minimize one’s exposure to the sickening substance. Here are some of our favorite pollen prevention tips.

Laundry Love

Pollen enters the home through open windows and doors, where it quickly settles on all types of surfaces, including fabrics and linens. Curling up in a pollen-coated blanket or laying your head on a pollen-dusted pillow, then, provides direct contact to the allergen, allowing it access to your eyes, nose, and mouth. To limit exposure, frequently replace bathroom and kitchen linens and replace and wash bed sheets every few days. And when drying clothes, run them through the dryer instead of hanging them outside where they will only pick up more pollen.

Numbers Knowledge

The amount of pollen in the air changes each day, so regularly check weather reports and various online resources that give you the updated count. Knowing when pollen levels are especially high will help you reschedule outdoor chores for days when conditions are more favorable. Additionally, pollen is usually at its peak from the morning through early afternoon, so limit your outside activities during those hours.

Short Cut

Tall grasses tend to produce more pollen, so keep your lawn mowed and the grass height on the shorter side. Of course, cutting the grass will release more pollen into the air, so it’s best if you can find another individual to do the mowing if you suffer from hay fever. If no one is available, wear a particulate mask to prevent breathing in allergens, and consider wearing eye protection, as well.

Face Off

Touching your face is a good way to get sick, but it also helps to increase allergy problems. If you’ve been outside, there’s a good chance that pollen is on your hands, so be sure to wash them before touching or scratching your face. Even just brushing a hand across the forehead will leave pollen residue, and if warm temperatures or an increased activity level causes you to sweat, those allergens will be directed down your face toward the eyes, resulting in swelling, itching, and watering.

Power Play

There is no better way to remove pollen from your property than by power washing your home. Sure, the rain will eventually wash some of it away, but some facades might not see much direct rainfall, and it certainly won’t be removing pollen deposits under awnings, eaves or in other hard-to-reach areas. And really, it’s in those nooks and crannies where pollen accumulates the most.

We strongly advise having your home washed every spring, and if you haven’t done so yet, now is the perfect time. With a Peak Power Wash cleaning, our technicians will have your home sparkling clean before you know it. That means no more pollen, dirt, mildew, or any other unwanted substance on your home. If you’re in need of a power washing in Maryland or Central Pennsylvania, call us for a free estimate!



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