Prep Your Outdoor Space for Summer!

Spring is here, and the summer months are on their way! With the weather change and time for spring cleaning arrival comes more time spent outdoors soaking up the sun. But what is the condition of your outdoor space? Is it ready for barbecues and birthday parties? Is it ready for April showers and the showers of sparks and color on the 4th of July celebration? Fall and winter along with the current upcoming months can be hard on your deck or patio space’s health and condition. In this post we will go over conditions to look for and whether your outdoor space for summer is ready for the warm seasons!

Power Washing your Outdoor Space

While both wood and stone have a good deal of durability, they both are susceptible to the elements due to the nature of outdoor spaces. Grime, mold, moss or other plant life can form especially if your space is in close proximity to trees. For both surfaces, power washing can provide efficient and effective cleaning of both stone and wood and is a great first step to prepping your outdoor space for Summer! Thoroughly power washing your space to remove foreign stains or other imperfections eliminates the need to scrub surfaces by hand.

Power Washing Next Steps

Once you have your outdoor space thoroughly power washed and clean, it’s good to check the condition of the surface(s). While most wood decks and patios are made of treated lumber to prevent water damage, it’s still a good idea to check the area for excessively soft spots or weak boards. If your wood surface is coated, it would be good to check for any flaking or cracks in the surface. If so, it may be necessary for a re-coating. For a stone surface, less work is needed to prep it for usage. Stone is far less obsorbant of moisture, and can withstand more powerful blasting if needed. However, it should be noted the surface is still prone to damage if exposed to enough of it. Be sure to check the surface for cracking, or missing chunks as you make progress cleaning.

In closing, power washing is a modern marvel of cleaning and is a great way to get your deck or patio space ready for hosting all kinds of spring and summer fun! If you have questions or wish to employ professional power washing services, experts here at Peak Power Wash are here for you. We hope you found this post helpful and informative. enjoy the warmer seasons!



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