Before You List Your Home

what to do before you list your home

Everyone knows spring is one of the best seasons to list your home!  But do you know what to do before you sell?  By increasing your curb appeal and focusing on a few key areas, you can make a big impression on potential homebuyers—in a good way.  At Peak Power Wash, we’re here to help you! Here’s what to do before you list your home.

Spring Cleaning

Many people focus on decluttering the inside of their homes come spring, but don’t forget about the outside, too.  Thoroughly cleaning the exterior can transform your home!  Provided it’s done correctly.  We suggest working on your windows and siding first.  If they’re still in good condition, a professional power washing should be all they need to look new again.  For older homes, this process is a great way to target problem areas while prepping surfaces for a fresh coat of paint.  Even if you’re only painting the exterior trim, you’d be amazed by what a difference this could make!  Rather than tackling this particular project by yourself, let our experienced team boost your curb appeal.  We can start today with a free estimate!

A Little Landscaping

Apart from ensuring your lawn is mowed and manicured, show off your home to its best advantage with updated landscaping!  Trim your shrubbery, add fresh flowers, and mulch, mulch, mulch.  Preserving a little privacy is fine, by you don’t want your surrounding trees and bushes to obscure your curb appeal.  Remember, you’re creating a landscape for future buyers.  So, even if these aren’t steps you’d usually take in the spring, they could translate to a higher list price.  If you’re not big on landscaping, consider bringing in the professionals to help here, too. 

Entryway Impact

Nothing invites potential homebuyers to explore the inside quite like your front entryway.  Whether you have a quaint pathway, clear sidewalks, and/or a cozy front porch—enhance what’s already there!  Ensure they’re cleaned up alongside the rest of your house and then look at the details.  Try to see them as if it were your first time visiting.  Are the house numbers clearly visible and polished?  Is there a welcoming doormat or wreath in place to invite you in?  Can you imagine yourself relaxing in the outdoor seating arrangements?  If you answered no to any of the above, start your improvements there.  While you don’t have to go overboard on decorations, the extra effort could lead to a better offer on your home.       

These days, the housing market is increasingly competitive whether you’re in Sykesville, Eldersburg, Westminster, Frederick, Littlestown, or Towson.  But to maximize your home’s value this spring, you still need to take some steps before you list it.  Focus on your curb appeal and don’t be afraid to ask for help!  Our Peak Power Wash professionals have been working with homeowners throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania for the last 20 years.  We know what it takes to prepare your property and we’re willing to start now! 



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