Winter siding care

Winter is upon us, and the cold is settling into our daily lives and our homes are feeling the cold just as we are. From our driveways to our roofs, the cold and winter weather can pose a threat to your home’s health. Today, we will focus on the additional strain and winter siding care for your home.

Brittle Plastic

Plastic or vinyl siding may not be the only choice, but it is most certainly the most popular. In winter, the plummeting temperatures cause plastic and other materials to become more rigid and inflexible. This causes them to be more prone to break or all-out shatter depending on the surface. If you are trying to remove ice build-up on the outside of your home, be sure to do so gently and with care to prevent any damage from occurring.

Check for cracks

If there are cracks or breaks present or you are unsure, it is best not to let them continue to exist without repair- but especially in winter. As ice on the siding surface melts and refreezes, it will seep into cracks or breaks if they are present. This can cause further damage to the siding itself as it pushes outward or even structural damage if enough moisture is allowed to settle.

Power Washing: NOT for cold temperatures

It is in the very nature of winter that water is in mostly different forms for the season. Though power washing often employs heat, it should not be used on a cold day to clear ice, snow, or clean siding. Though the water starts out hot, it will quickly refreeze in the cold and can wreak havoc due to the rapid changes in temperature. If power washing is to be employed properly, wait until at least two warmer days where the night temperatures will not drop to freezing or below.

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