Masonry Maintenance 101


For thousands of years, we’ve been improving how we utilize and care for masonry in our homes. Naturally, this feature can improve the appearance and value of your home whether you’re planning to live in it or sell it. You may think you already have clean and beautiful brick. But what does your masonry really look like? After a little masonry maintenance, even you may be surprised by how great your home exterior looks!  With our help, of course.

How It Stacks Up

Brick masonry comes in two varieties: structural and veneer. Structural forms the entire wall of the house or other building, while veneer is laid like a shell over the top of it. Whatever type of brick is part of your home, cleaning it can vastly improve the appearance of your house!

What makes brick dirty? Well, grime, moss, and mold are three major culprits. Both grime and plant life can be removed by hard scrubbing or power washing. A solution of warm water, 2 tablespoons dish soap, and a teaspoon of table salt is a simple brick cleaning mixture. Rub it onto the brick, wait ten minutes, and then scrub with a stiff bristle brush. This time and labor-intensive solution is best for indoor cleaning or spot cleaning.

However, a more efficient and effective solution is power washing. Keep in mind, high-pressure power washing can remove the tough outer coating of brick. Fortunately, Peak Power Wash uses the Soft Washing method! Soft washing uses lower water pressure and a specially formulated blend of detergents for maximum effectiveness without damage. The professional experience of Peak Power Wash employees ensures that your bricks will stay strong in addition to looking as good as new.

Stay Structurally Sound!

If your brick walls are unstable, the situation moves from a simple yet rewarding cleaning job to a high-priority project that could require a trained mason’s advice. Here are a few danger signs you can spot yourself. Walls that are bulging threaten whatever is around them. Cracked mortar running in a diagonal stair-step pattern signals that the top of the wall has shifted. Check here for a full list of damage symptoms, and stay safe!

Brick Problems, Brick Solutions

Is your masonry a part of a walking path? While brick makes a fantastic pathway material, it also picks up much more dirt than any upright brick wall or structure since you have human and animal traffic to contend with. That’s why it is especially crucial to care for your brick pathways, driveways, and patios. Peak Power Wash can make this easier – instead of scrubbing for hours on your own, save your knees and have professionals maintain your brick with tried and true methods. For more information on our soft wash technique or masonry power washing, please contact us today!



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