Your Home Checklist for October

While we haven’t expected too much of fall yet, changes are coming!  Between the temperatures, the leaves, and the threat of winter weather in the not-so-distant future, it’s time for a little home maintenance.  Here are the areas you should concentrate on this month.  If you need help getting ready, don’t forget we’re available throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania, with our home base right here in Carroll County!

Clean Up, Clean Up

Everyone’s heard about spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning?  October is the perfect time to clear away any lingering allergens from summer and prepare to close up for the season.  Take this opportunity to scrub floors and windows, while paying extra attention to areas around your heating system.  Focus on vacuuming and dusting baseboards, heat grates, or radiators. Otherwise, all the dust and dirt that’s been building up will be released into your home as soon as you turn on the heating system.  If you have a fireplace or wood stove, that should be properly cleaned before your first use, too.  Work from the inside out and don’t forget about the nearby floors or furniture. Once the scrubbing is over, you can start bringing out the heavier coats, scarves, and other fun fall decorations!

Decorating for the Season

Of course, it just wouldn’t be autumn without all the trimmings.  With a little less than one month left until Halloween, it’s officially time to start decorating.  This year, we’re going with a less-is-more approach by adding foraged finds for a very natural look.  On top of the typical pumpkins, gourds, and leaves, we’re also including apples, figs, and other natural flora/fauna to make our porches, table settings, and windows more festive.  Not only does it create a very homey setting, but it also means we have less to pack up and store once the season’s over!  If you’re a true Halloween fan who looks forward to this holiday the way others anticipate Christmas, then just go for it!  Be as over-the-top and spooky as you want to be.  Before you hang all those outdoor decorations, though, allow us to help you cross a few more items off your to-do list.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Honestly, there’s plenty of outdoor maintenance to keep you busy this October.  So much, in fact, that you might need to outsource some tasks. Once the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to store that outdoor furniture you’ll no longer need to use. This may include your grill, too, but be sure to clean off everything before using the appropriate covers and placing them in your garage or shed.  Then, it’s time to focus on leaf removal.  Depending on where you live, this could be the biggest undertaking of them all!  Our advice is to start early and keep up with it.  Especially when it comes to problem areas like your roof and gutters.  Since this may be one of the last times this year when it’s still warm enough to power wash effectively, why not call us out for a free consultation?  You may be surprised at how this service transforms your siding, deck, fences, and pathways.  Just take a look at some of the other jobs we’ve performed at Peak Power Wash in our online gallery!  Once you’ve taken care of your checklist, then it’s time to enjoy what’s arguably the most beautiful season throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. 



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