Window Washing: How to Clean Yours Like A Pro

Window Washing: How to Clean Yours Like a Pro

Dirt and grime build up on windows over time and they lose their shine. Brighten yours up with a good cleaning. Window washing boosts curb appeal and makes your home exterior shine.

Window Washing Techniques

Ideally, homeowners should wash their windows twice a year. However, it has become a task many people tend to avoid. Part of the problem can be blamed on the use of wadded up paper towels or newspapers along with spray cleaner. This method just moves the dirt around and results in extra work for the person doing the cleaning.

The good news is there is a way to make this job easier, if you follow what the pros do. Use a squeegee and a few other tools in your collection to make cleaning less complicated. Doing this will help keep your windows clear and streak free!

Cleaning Picture Windows

You can use the long cloth head of a strip applicator to clean the picture windows. It soaks up soapy water and loosens dirt without scratching the glass. Use a squirt of liquid dishwashing soap in a bucket of warm water to do the job.

Next, wipe the window clean. Starting at the top, pull a squeegee over the soapy pane, then use a lint-free rag to wipe the blade off after every swipe. Wipe up any water left on the edges of the glass with a damp, wrung-dry chamois. This material will soak up the water without leaving streaks. Use a rag to dry off the windowsill.

How to Clean Multi-Paned Windows

First, you will need a squeegee that fits the panes to clean a divided-light window. Cut the rubber blade to a size that will fit. Use a hacksaw, file, and utility knife to customize the squeegee.

Next, scrub the panes with a handheld sponge or hog-bristle brush, using a mixture of soap and warm water. Then, wipe the window clean with a squeegee, a chamois, and rag.

A Word About Squeegees

Keep your squeegee in good working order by fitting it with a sharp, new rubber blade. In fact, buy a couple of extra rubber blades to have on hand. Blades that have a fresh edge and aren’t nicked or sliced will do the best job. When you are using a squeegee, move it horizontally and vertically to cover the entire pane.

Squeegees can clean inside windows too. Use the same method as outdoor window cleaning but be sure to keep the drips down. Squeeze the extra soapy water out of the scrubber. Rest it on the edge of the cleaning bucket, not in the water. Keep a rag on hand to wipe up soapy water that runs onto the woodwork. Use a separate rag, such as a microfiber rag, to wipe the edges of the glass.

Best Window Cleaning Solutions

You can use an easy, homemade window solution to do your dirty work. Mix two gallons of water with about a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap. Windows can also be cleaned using a mixture of vinegar and water. Mix one part hot water to one part distilled vinegar.

Let Us Tackle Your Home Exterior

After your windows have been cleaned, let us handle your other outdoor spaces. The professionals at Peak Power Wash can clean your siding or tackle your deck, fence, sidewalk, or driveway. We use a technique called “soft wash”, which uses a much lower amount of pressure and reduces potential harm to surfaces. Contact us at 443-686-WASH or visit our website to request a free estimate.



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