Why Your Home’s Water Pressure Matters

If you’ve visited our blog or website before, you know the importance of using low water pressure when power washing any exterior feature of your home. But what about inside the house? In this post, we’re discussing why your home’s water pressure matters

Too Low

Any water pressure below 30 or 35 PSI (pounds per square inch) is going to be too low for comfort. While the real risk of damage comes with (spoiler alert) overly high pressure, too little results in a trickle where you want a stream. “Running” water may no longer be the correct term, if you’ll excuse the pun. It’s hard to take a shower or wash the dishes with mere dribbles of water.

Too High

On the other end of the spectrum, overly high water pressure can be dangerous. While we all like the comfort of a high-pressure showerhead, too much force comes with a price. Water pressure higher than 80 PSI places an undue amount of stress on your plumbing and appliances, risking damage and leaks. Just like with power washing, it’s important to avoid high pressure to preserve your home’s integrity. High pressure might be a time saver in some situations, but it also carries an unnecessary risk to your property.

Just Right

The typical household will probably have a water pressure around 60 PSI, give or take 15 PSI. Proper water pressure is convenient and keeps your plumbing safe. It can also cut down on water waste– when your pressure is too high, you lose efficiency, as gallons of water gush out too quickly to be useful. You can usually do the same job, such as watching the dishes, just as well with 10 or 20 PSI less. This cuts down on harmful water waste and your water bill. The next time you wash your hair, think about how much pressure you need to rinse out the soap in a timely manner without water pounding on your skull. As with most things in life, it’s all about balance.

How Do You Know?

If you’re noticing any danger signs like leaks or banging– or there’s hardly anything coming out from your faucets– it’s a good idea to buy a water pressure gauge from your nearest home improvement store. Remember, the ideal water pressure in your home is between 45 and 75 PSI– anything much higher or lower and you should contact a plumbing expert for advice.

We hope these water pressure tips help make your home safer and more comfortable!

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