Why Rain Is No Substitute for Power Washing

After a wet spring and summer, be prepared for more rain as we head into September. With an annual average of nearly 4 inches of rainfall, September is the wettest month of the year for our region. But that doesn’t mean homeowners throughout Maryland should put off power washing. Despite what you may have heard, rainwater isn’t that great for rinsing your home’s exterior. While rain can lend a hand in cleaning, it doesn’t come close to providing the thorough and comprehensive approach that you get with professional power washing. Mainly because…

Rain Doesn’t Clean the Hard-to-Reach Places

While a steady, driving rain can wash dirt and grime off your house, it doesn’t clean as evenly–or effectively–as power washing. A rainstorm usually directs heavy precipitation on one or possibly two sides of the house. Those walls may appear to be cleaner following a rain event, but the opposite sides don’t receive the same benefit. Additionally, rain simply falls where it falls. It pays no mind to indirect areas like under awnings and in between siding panels. 

Power washing evenly covers and cleans the home. With a professional power washing company like Peak Power Wash, you have the satisfaction of knowing every inch of your home’s exterior gets the attention it needs. Our approach involves power washing siding, shutters, window eaves, and every other hard-to-reach area that dirt seems to find. And with our soft washing technique, you’ll never need to worry about any damage to your property.

Rainwater Lacks Power Washing’s Cleaning Punch

As rain develops and falls through the atmosphere, it picks up particulates like dirt, dust, and pollen. Large metropolitan areas and surrounding regions put more pollution into the air, which further contaminates falling precipitation. With sustained periods of rain, those contaminants are washed out of the atmosphere. But shorter bursts simply leave that grime behind on your home. Strong storms with heavy winds also pick up dirt and debris and carry it with the rain. 

At Peak Power Wash, we use biodegradable cleaning agents that work wonders for your home. Our eco-friendly power washing cuts through stubborn stains without harming the environment. And our all-natural detergents not only leave your home cleaner and brighter, but they also remove mold, mildew, and other harmful allergens. Improving the health and well-being of you and your family

We hope you’ll trust Peak with all your power washing needs. As a family-owned-and-operated business, we pride ourselves on quality service. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you pay nothing until you are fully satisfied! Don’t wait for the rain to clean your home—call our professionals today.  



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