Why Cleanliness is Good For Your Mental Health

Anyone who’s suffered through a depressive period– or even a simple case of the blues– knows that it’s hard to muster the motivation to do much of anything productive, especially chores. But the truth of the matter is that cleaning can actually improve your mental state– and you don’t even have to “whistle while you work” to experience the benefits. Here’s why cleanliness is good for your mental health.

Physical Activity

We all know that exercise releases endorphins, but even just getting your body up and moving helps keep your spirits from dipping. Laying in bed may seem like an appealing option, but the longer you do so, the worse you’ll feel. This is especially crucial if you’re stressed– worrying about a seemingly insurmountable list of tasks keeps you from completing those tasks which makes you worry more, etc. etc. It’s a vicious cycle, but breaking it by tricking your body into doing something helps. We weren’t built to lie around all day– there’s a reason your back starts hurting if you sit at a desk for hours on end.

Attainable Goals

Even the smallest of accomplishments seem big when you don’t even want to lift your head from the pillow. Setting small goals gives you something attainable to work towards and allows you to build up towards the bigger things. Taking the trash out might be the first step. Clearing off the coffee table might be the second. Having that sense of productivity is crucial, especially since your progress is easily visible. Cleaning tends to consist of simple tasks, making it ideal for these small and attainable goals.

Gaining Control

Following up on the idea of baby steps, cleaning your environment bit by bit affords you a sense of control over the space and, by extension, of your outlook. Taking part in a familiar, manageable activity you know you can do well is soothing, as is the repetitive nature of cleaning. There’s a reason why Monica from Friends is constantly scrubbing, organizing, and adjusting! Sometimes we just need one part of our lives to stay still and make sense when the world around us begins to spin out of control.

An Uncluttered Environment

Finally, your environment has a big impact on your mental state and attitude. It’s a lot more difficult to maintain a furious mood in the middle of a Zen garden than in the midst of a loud, crowded shopping mall. Finding a correlation between your full mind and your messy kitchen helps once you decide to focus on what you can control– the state of your kitchen– rather than what you can’t. A lot of people also find it difficult to concentrate in such an environment, especially when they know a chore is waiting for them on top of the rest of their work. Getting the cleaning out of the way is a great opportunity to increase your focus and either take your mind off of things or think about solutions while your hands are occupied with busywork.

Will you turn to the dirty dishes the next time your head is spinning? We hope this post has given you a better understanding of how cleaning can improve your mood and mental health!

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