Top Home Improvements to Increase Curb Appeal

Top Home Improvements to Increase Curb Appeal

Make your home stand out on the block with a few eye-catching home improvements. Even small, inexpensive changes like a fresh coat of paint, or decor on the door, can impact your home’s appearance.  Many improvements focus on landscaping or maintenance while others are purely cosmetic.  Here are some curb appeal-boosting ideas worth trying.

Budget-Friendly Ideas

Minor improvements like painting the front door can add brightness to your entry.  Pick a bold color that pops, but still coordinates with the other colors on your home. Replace the door’s existing hardware for a new look. Top it off with a door decoration.

Give the exterior of your home some personality, too. Hang a piece of wall art to cover a blank space or add color. Make sure whatever you choose is made of weather-proof materials. A mural is another option if you have the talent to paint one or know a good artist.

A few landscaping touches can also make a difference.  A well-manicured lawn with established trees, shrubs and plants is a must. It will boost your home’s curb appeal and your property value. Planters and window boxes are also attractive.

A clean driveway adds curb appeal. Make sure you reseal it.  If the driveway has cracks or discoloration, fill in the cracks and apply a new coat of sealer.  An asphalt driveway should be resealed every two or three years. 

Give your home exterior a good pressure washing for a fresh look and shine.  While you’re at it, clean the driveway, fence, deck and patio furniture too.  Consider renting a pressure washer or call the pros if you want it done right.

Spruce up your property with a mailbox garden.  A mailbox sitting on a post on plain ground looks dull.  Plant a small bed around it to jazz up the space.  Give your mailbox an upgrade, too.

Prominently display house numbers. If they are old and worn, it’s time for a new look.

Try to match the fonts with the outdoor light fixtures or your home’s architecture.

Stain your garage door to give it a new look and color.  Be sure to clean it completely before applying the stain. The garage door is in a prime viewing location. A well-maintained one can provide substantial curb appeal to a home. 

Take care of small repairs that are noticeable.  These include ripped screens, burned out bulbs, dead plants, or chipped paint.  Walk around your house to see what needs a quick fix. 

Set Aside Time

You can boost the curb appeal of your home in just a day or a weekend.  Prioritize the projects that will really make your home stand out.  Improvements will make your home look fresh and clean and if you desire, attract potential homebuyers too! 

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