Tips for Holding a Backyard Wedding

Congratulations and mazel tov to the happy couple! If you or someone you love has decided to host a backyard wedding, there are so many ways to make the day special while ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. Without further ado, here are a few tips for holding a backyard wedding!

The Bathroom Situation

Let’s get the unmentionables out of the way first. If you have more than a dozen or so guests, consider renting one of those ingenious portable necessaries…AKA, a Port-a-Potty. You probably don’t want dozens of people traipsing through your home to use the powder room, and rest assured your backyard will not have to look like a carnival parking lot. You can choose portable toilets that include small sinks with a step-pump for hand washing and even options with flushing functions to decrease odor and unpleasant sights. No one expects gold-lined mirrors and marble vanities at outdoor functions, and you can always invite the wedding party (who will probably be dressed the most formally anyway) to use your home’s bathrooms.

Add a Few Conveniences

If you have guests planning to wear heels, it’s a good idea to add a few hard surfaces throughout your home venue. Decks, porches, and patios are great spots to utilize, but there’s also the option of building, renting, or buying a few low platforms. These can be used as seating areas, a dance floor, or a beautiful setting for the couple’s vows. This third suggestion also allows you to add a simple frame or arch perfect for stringing lights and decorations.

Secondly, don’t forget the tent! Even if the forecast isn’t predicting rain, it always pays to be prepared, and without any shade to escape into, the sun can be nearly as much of a problem as storm clouds. Protect any food and drinks as well as your guests with the quintessential white tent or large canopy on the big day.

Take Advantage of Your Setting

Outdoor weddings commonly take place in the spring or summer, so take advantage of the opportunity to spruce up your landscaping! Mulch and weed your garden spaces, add a few new flower beds, and trim any trees or bushes to make sure your yard looks its best. It goes without saying to mow the grass just before the big day, but remember to check for any “bald” spots on your lawn at least a few months in advance. You’ll want to reseed those areas or strategically position some decorations or tables to cover the dead grass or dirt.

Speaking of sprucing up your home, you know what we’re going to suggest next! Give your exterior features a bath with a good power wash. From siding to masonry to decks and fencing, we can make your home look brand-new!

Ready For a Power Wash?

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