Tips for Hiring a Home Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Service tips

Along with maintaining a clean home exterior and a well-manicured lawn, it’s important to keep the inside of your home tidy as well. A home cleaning service can be well worth the time and money if you know what to look for. Here are some home cleaning service tips that will help you when it comes to finding a service that meets your needs.

Type of Cleaning Service

The first step is to decide what type of cleaning service you want. Are you seeking a professional company or a sole proprietor? 

A professional service will ensure someone always shows up at your door. They screen the individuals, and handle the paperwork and insurance. However, turnover tends to be higher and you might not get the same cleaners.

With an independent cleaner, you can establish a more personal relationship, tell them your needs only once, and negotiate additional services. However, they may be a no-show if they get sick. You may also be responsible for taxes and worker’s comp. 

Ask for Recommendations

Family, friends, neighbors and co-workers are your best bet for finding a reputable cleaner. Personal recommendations go a long way when trying to find a good match.

Write Down Your Needs

Come up with a list of your needs. Decide what rooms you want to have cleaned and how often you want someone to come to your home. It will also cost less money if you do bi-weekly, instead of weekly cleanings.

Do an Interview

Before you hire someone, set up an in-person meeting. Ask them to describe their services and what they provide. Be honest about your expectations. Check out their references, work history and criminal history. Many services will do this for you, but it’s best to double check their results.

Be Present at the Start

Make sure you are at home for the first few cleanings. You can help guide your new hire and be available for questions. A two-to-four week trial period is also a good idea to consider. This will give you time to assess if they are a good fit.

Decide on a Pay Rate

When you hire help, you may have to decide if you’re going to pay an hourly rate or a flat fee.  Sometimes, the individual or service might have their prices already set. Just be sure you are getting the most help for your dollar.

Create a List of Tasks

Standard house-cleaning tasks include sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing showers and toilets. You might want to add extra duties a couple times a year. Other tasks, like laundry or dishes, might also cost you extra if you want them done regularly. Find out if additional services are available and for how much.

House Cleaning Costs

House cleaning prices range from $120 to $235 on average. However, costs can be as low as $90 for areas under 1,000 square feet. The average home in the U.S. is around 2,500 square feet. Expect to pay around $125 for a basic cleaning to $500 for a deeper one.

Types of House Cleaning

There are three basic types of cleaning: standard, deep and move-out.

Standard or basic cleaning is usually done on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Services will likely include sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and disinfecting kitchen and bathroom services. 

Deep cleaning will cost you an average of $200 to $400. The full package may include window washing, cleaning behind furniture, and polishing. 

Move-out cleaning can cost up to $500 for larger spaces. The services offered are similar to those of deep cleaning. However, you’ll likely have to find another service to haul away your junk.

Don’t Forget the Home Exterior

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