There are certain things that should not be pressure washed

Wood Siding

It is very difficult to pressure wash wood siding correctly. Most of the time it is done incorrectly and can bring consequences. The water tends to get under the exterior surface, and this can heavily damage insulation and result in mold growth. Wood siding is the one scenario in which if it is done correctly, it can be pressure washed but it would need to be by a professional.

Electrical Panels

Although the electrical panels have been able to withstand heavy rain, they cannot withstand heavy pressure wash. The pressure washing can force the water into cracks within the panels leading to damage. The rain is unable to have that sort of force. If the panels were to be power washed, they would most likely get damaged leading to expensive repairs.


You may have been able to guess this one as glass is very fragile. The high pressure from the pressure wash can very easily break the glass. You would then be stuck with a broken window that would be expensive to replace. There are other, smarter ways to clean your windows.


Pressure washing your car would not be equal to going through a car wash. Pressure washing your car is very risky for various reasons. It can cause dents and knock off the paint. Pressure washing your vehicle also makes it much easier for it to rust. One area especially that could get seriously damaged is your engine. If you were to try and power wash your vehicle and you are spraying the hood, it is very easy for water to get into the engine which can be very expensive damage.


Gutters are built to withstand the power of rain, not a heavy pressure washer. This is another thing that can be damaged which is why it should not be pressure washed. It is important to clean gutters but not by using a pressure washer. They can easily be cleaned by hand through removing leaves and debris that have been collected in the gutters. They can also be lightly hosed out. Think about those options when deciding to clean your gutters instead of pressure washing.

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