The Side Benefits of Cleaning

The virtues of hygiene, home maintenance, and organization speak for themselves, but there are a few less direct benefits of cleanliness that any clean freak knows and loves. If you need a bit of motivation to tackle that list of chores this weekend, here’s are some side benefits of cleaning.


We’ve talked about the importance of cleanliness in curb appeal before, but your home’s appearance is often a matter of personal pride as well. Any homeowner knows how great it feels to live somewhere you can truly call your own. Your home is an investment in you and your family, so it’s no surprise that keeping up with its care and improvement is a matter of pride for many. As silly as it may sound to some, having the cleanest siding on the street is an accomplishment worth being proud of– it shows you care about the place where you live and are committed to the house you call home.


If you’ve ever seen one of those YouTube or TikTok compilations of satisfying cleaning montages, you know what we mean with this one. It’s ridiculously satisfying to watch layers of grit peel away from an old brick wall or watch clutter disappear to transform a cramped parlor into a sunlight-drenched living room. It’s little wonder those house flip shows do so well! When you’ve been living with dirt or mold buildup on exterior surfaces for years, it’s easy to get used to the sight– but once you see your home without it, you’ll never want to skip that annual power wash again. Check out our gallery to see for yourself the world of difference cleaning can make.


All our procrastinators out there, this one’s for you. When you’re sick of staring at your computer all day and can’t stand one more Zoom conference, that teetering pile of junk you’ve studiously ignored for the past six months starts to look a lot more appealing. Break up the monotony with something that’s, if not conventionally entertaining, at least a less mentally demanding and more active task than the ones you’ve been stuck plowing through. Use one type of procrastination to defeat another, because hey, at least you’re getting something done!

Peace of Mind

Some people like to use chores and cleaning as a stress reliever, while others undertake the tasks because messes themselves are too stressful to have around! But the simple, repetitive nature dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, and polishing can become almost meditative after a while. You don’t have to be a naturally neat person to find refuge in doing something easy and familiar that has the added benefit of productivity!

Ready For a Power Wash?

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