The Power of Waterfalls: Best Finds in the Mid-Atlantic

Waterfalls are considered to be a ‘wonder’ of the world. Folks who visit Niagara Falls know how stunning it is to see and hear the power of the waterfalls, crashing into the river below. The power of a waterfall is a fascinating experience one won’t likely soon forget.

What is a Waterfall?

A waterfall is commonly formed when water from a river or stream flows over a harder rock formation onto softer rock below, causing the weaker rock to erode. A solid ledge is then created, allowing the water to fall freely into a pool at the bottom.

This natural feature can also occur when water flows over a soft rock bed located over a hard bed of rock. The soft rock gradually erodes, leaving the hard rock formation to be the ledge for the waterfall to begin.

The shape of the land is another way a waterfall is born. The Antrim basalts, located in Northern Ireland, are a prime example. They were formed out of a land formation created by ancient volcanic eruptions.

Powerful waterfalls are a popular attraction and many are within a days drive. Here is a peak at some local falls that are worth a visit.

Best Waterfalls in the Mid-Atlantic

The closest famous waterfall to the mid-Atlantic region is Niagara Falls, located in the US and Canada. It is a top worldwide tourist destination, forming a natural boundary between the two countries.

There are waterfalls closer to home that are also breathtaking. Muddy Creek Falls is the highest free-falling waterfall in Maryland. Located inSwallow Falls State Park, this cascade drops 53 feet, tumbling over rocks that date back 300 million years.

Great Falls in Maryland, is only 15 minutes from the Nations Capital. This truly gorgeous waterfall, located in Great Falls Park, is part of the powerful Potomac River.

Closer to Baltimore, Patapsco Valley State Park features Cascade Falls, which delicately trickle down the rocks. Dulaney Valley Falls, located at Piedmont Plateau is another site worth checking out. You will find this 17-foot cascade along the Dulaney Valley Loop Trail.

Dingmans and Silverthread Falls, located in the Poconos Mountains region, are among the largest waterfalls in Pennsylvania. These two falls, which can both be seen in a single day, are a feature of the Delaware River Gap. Dingmans stands at an impressive 130 feet high while Silverthread is 80 feet tall.

Tucked in the Allegheny Mountains of Tucker County, West Virginia, Blackwater Falls State Park features the gorgeous Blackwater Falls, a 62-foot cascade. It is among the most photographed venues in the state.

When you decide to hit the road and visit some of these beautiful destinations, don’t forget your camera to capture the memories.

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