Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space: Outdoor Furniture Trends in 2022

The deck is all shiny and clean and now you are thinking of freshening it up even further with new outdoor furniture. If you are ready to hit the end-of-season sales, here’s how you can perk up your outdoor living space in style.

How to Set Up Your Outdoor Space

Look for grounding and space defining pieces. For instance, if you have a larger outdoor area, try putting a rug under the dining table or place tile under your lounge seating area. Also, decide what furniture style you prefer. Do you like modern, rustic, farmhouse, or traditional? Find your favorite and bring your indoor decorating style outdoors.

If you have a small space, like a patio or balcony, focus on what you’ll most likely use the space for. Do you want a little table to entertain friends, a garden, or a place to sun? Plan your outdoor living space around your favorite outdoor activity to get the most out of it.

Think About Durability

If your space isn’t covered, think about how the elements will impact the furniture. Consider durable, weather-proof materials, which will protect your furniture from water, stains, and fading, due to the sun and rain. The latest outdoor fabric also comes in beautiful patterns.

Add a Personal Touch

Throw a few accessories into the mix to ‘elevate your space’ and add some excitement to your design. Think about sconces, tile, artwork, your favorite color, natural lighting, and updated fixtures. Make your space comfortable and personal and show off your personality!

Outdoor Trends in 2022

The creation of outdoor living spaces is growing in popularity. For many, remote work is here to stay and work-from-home setups are all the rage.

Outdoor work spaces allow you to carve out a spot for work, crafts, homework and more without taking up valuable space indoors. Consider turning a garden shed into a private office or set up a desk on the deck.

People are also turning patios, decks and other outdoor areas into bonus living spaces that highlight a room-like atmosphere. Adding DIY patterns to surfaces is also gaining ground. People are using stenciled designs to brighten up concrete patios and painting deck boards with attractive patterns. Patio pavers in alternating colors are also being installed that create a geometric pattern.

Another trend for 2022 is bringing indoor furniture trends to the outdoors, including curvy styles and textures like rattan. Basic patio furniture and accessories are also getting a new look. Rounded forms and woven textures are increasingly showing up in outdoor spaces.

It appears staycations are here to stay. Backyard escapes highlighting resort-style features are gaining in popularity. Water features are being added, along with chaise lounge chairs, patio heaters, pools and spas.

Whatever your desires are, be sure to create an outdoor living space that is functional, reflects your personality, and provides useful extra living space.

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