Spring Cleaning the Fence

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual for many people.  When the nice weather arrives, we are anxious to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.   It’s also the perfect time to freshen up your fence for the season. 

Getting Started

The first item on your agenda is to get your fence ready for spring cleaning.  Inspect it to make sure it’s structurally sound.  Check for damage and make any needed repairs.  Remove debris by the fence, including leaves, dirt and cobwebs.  Trim nearby plants to keep them from touching the fence and causing moisture damage.

Common Fence Materials

There are different methods for cleaning a fence, depending on what material it’s made out of. 

Wood Fences

A wood fence will likely collect some dirt. Inspect it for spots of mold, moss or mildew as well.  The stain or paint on your fence may also need a touch up.   If your fence is fairly clean,  a water hose may be all you need. However, if the grime has settled in, you probably need a power washer to do the job. 

You can use a simple bleach and water solution to kill mold, or a specialized wood-cleaning product.  Apply the solution and let it soak in. Gently scrub dirty areas with a soft-bristled brush. 

Next, spray it with a hose or power washer. 

Make sure the fence is completely dry before you paint or stain it.   Re-apply the materials every three to five years to keep your fence looking fresh. 

Vinyl Fences

A vinyl fence can usually be sprayed down with a hose to remove the dirt. However, if more elbow grease is needed, wash it with a bucket of soapy water and a soft rag.  If the dirt has really gotten bad, use a vinyl cleaning solution and a soft brush to gently scrub problem areas.  Clean the fence every three to six months to keep it sparking clean.  

Aluminum Fences

This type of fence is the easiest to clean.  All you need is a water hose, a soft scrub brush and perhaps a bucket of soapy water.  A once-a-year cleaning is usually all that’s required to wash off grass clippings, dirt and fertilizer chemicals.  An aluminum fence is the perfect option for homeowners who don’t want to fuss with constant care.

Decorate Your Fence

Once you are done giving your fence a good cleaning, you can make it pop by adding special touches.  Paint, plants, lighting and a few accessories can all make a difference.  Here are a few DIY decorating ideas to ponder. 

Flowering vines can add color and interest to your fence. Plant the annual type and remove them at the end of the season.  Put trellises along the fence to encourage vertical growth.  

Hang string lights along the fence.  You can install them on a wood fence with cup hooks, or on a plastic fence with self-adhesive plastic clips or hooks. 

Artwork and decorative objects can make your fence stand out.  Hang metal sculptures or paint a mural.  You can also add trim pieces to a wood fence.

Painting the fence  Outdoor paint will protect the timber and add vibrancy to a garden fence. You can also pep up fence panels with colorful paint.

Turn to Us for your Power Washing Needs

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