Is Soft Washing a Better Alternative?

is soft washing a better alternative

Have you noticed your home’s exterior looking a little dingy?  Traditionally, power washing is an easy alternative to outright replacement that could freshen up your siding, deck, and more!  If you’re concerned about traditional pressure washing wearing down your outdoor surfaces, then you’ve come to the right place.  At Peak Power Wash, we specialize in soft washing, which cleans without damaging.  Want to know more about this environmentally-friendly option?  Here are a few of the key differences.

Lower Pressure

By using the same commercial-grade machine with a special low-pressure nozzle, we reduce the force with which we clean your siding, decking, etc.  This method typically requires a high volume of water, but it minimizes the chance of harmful effects, like scarring or splintering.  Full pressure is good for durable surfaces, such as concrete, but soft washing serves to better preserve other types of masonry and paint. Additionally, it’s gentler on window and siding seals that protect water from getting into your home.  Thus, you’re able to enjoy the beauty of your exterior design choices, while helping them last longer. 

Different Chemicals

Because soft washing uses a gentler stream, we must pick the cleansers we use more carefully.  If you have an issue with mold, for instance, we’ll use a detergent that specifically targets and breaks it down at a chemical level.  Our formulas can also attack mildew, rust, or clay deposits that build up over time with their ingredients rather than sheer force.  Regardless of the approach we take, you can trust that it will be environmentally friendly!  You can stay green with all of our soft wash cleaners, which are biodegradable to preserve your landscaping.  Sometimes, traditional pressure washing can damage or even kill the surround plant life—especially if you’re not careful.  Leaving this task to our professional team will ensure that your home’s exterior looks good as new, if not better. 

The Perfect Combination

Ultimately, it’s the full package of the tools, chemicals, and pressure that removes dirt, stains, and other materials from external surfaces.  Thus, it’s essential that you hire an experienced company to handle this process.  Since it’s one of our specialties at Peak Power Washing, we understand the balance needed to maximize the benefits of this technique.  With traditional pressure washing, the sheer force will blast away much of the dirt and grime, but you may also lose some of the surface finishes.  Since we’re using a lesser stream, along with gentler cleansers, it takes an expert hand to know exactly how much to add in the end.    

Allow us to amp up your curb appeal this year, without worrying about exterior damages.  We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you’re happy with our services.  Give us a call or email us today to get an estimate for your home. 



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