Signs You Should Replace Your Driveway

The driveway is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of a property, but it’s actually quite important. Not only is the driveway one of the first things your guests notice when approaching your home, it’s also how you safely enter and leave your home. Imagine one day that you start driving down the driveway when you suddenly feel and hear your car bump. You just drove over a small tiny pothole. You keep driving but are wondering if you should replace the driveway or if it’s too late? Below are some signs you should replace your driveway.

Ideally, yes, the driveway should have been replaced before the concrete erodes to form dips in the driveway. But let’s face it, the signs that you need a major driveway replacement can be subtle. To help you avoid the scenario above, let’s delve into identifying the signs that you should replace your driveway.   


Cracks in the pavement are the first signs that the driveway is beginning to falter. It’s very important to frequently check the amount and extent of the cracks in your driveway concrete. Minor fractures are generally insignificant and can be repaired. However, if you notice long rippling cracks that extend over vast parts of the concrete, you should look into replacing the driveway. This means that the foundation of the cement is starting to weaken. Driveways are especially vulnerable to major cracking in the icy conditions of winter, so try and clear snow and ice as soon as possible.

Water Pooling

Another indicator that it’s time to consider replacing the driveway is if your driveway has trouble draining water. The formation of slopes and dips that collect water for extended periods of time increase the likelihood of potholes forming, as well as the development of other cracks.


If you start seeing potholes it’s definitely time to replace the driveway. Even if you just see small potholes, this indicates an accelerated rate of concrete decay. All potholes pose a risk of damage to your car, which could put your own safety at risk, so this should be addressed as soon as possible. While some potholes can be filled, consider if the money would be better spent in a new driveway that is totally free structural damage. If you have more than one pothole in your driveway, it would definitely be in your best interest to replace the driveway immediately.

Maintaining Your Driveway

When you have a new driveway, casual maintenance will allow you to preserve your it for years to come. Sealing cracks and repaving are just a few things you can do to maintain the structure of your pavement. Pressure cleaning is another way to protect your driveway. This process effectively cleans away materials that might help erode the cement or trap moisture for an extended period of time, which leads to cracking.



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