Protect & Seal Concrete Surfaces

how to seal concrete surfaces

Concrete is everywhere these days!  Apart from being a popular choice for our major highways and other roads, it’s also popular for outdoor entertaining areas at home.  Whether it’s your carport, driveway, sidewalks, or patio, these surfaces are easier to maintain when they’re made from concrete.  Still, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance.  On top of our green power washing and soft washing services, we can also help you extend the life of your outdoor surfaces by sealing the concrete.

Why do I need to seal concrete?

Well, concrete is one of the most durable and easy-to-maintain materials available today. That doesn’t mean it’s indestructible! Especially if you expose your outdoor surfaces to a lot of manmade chemicals, you’ll need to seal it if you want it to last as long as possible.  Prolonged water exposure, plus salt and other artificial substances often used to remove snow and ice can wear away concrete.  Plus, it’s possible to stain it if you’re working on cars or other machinery frequently.  (Grease and oil stains are the worst!)  As everyone knows, the easiest way to remove discolorations and cracks is to prevent them from happening in the first place.  Call us for a professional concrete sealing that will keep your outdoor areas looking as pristine as the day they were poured.

Why do I need professional help for this?

Although this sounds like a fairly simple chore, it’s actually quite easy to make a mistake. If you don’t properly seal your concrete, you’re leaving it open to all of the risks for wear and tear that we just mentioned!  On top of having the right tools, materials, and technique, you also need perfect conditions.  You can’t immediately seal a new concrete driveway or walkway as soon as it’s been poured.  Ideally, it needs about 28 days to cure completely.  Then you can potentially start the sealing process.   We say potentially because you need a couple consecutive dry days to apply the first coat, allow it to dry, and then apply additional coats as needed.  Temperature matters too!  Since most experts recommend sealing your concrete before temperatures fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, our window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

To maintain a smooth, clean surface, you first have to clean it.  Or, allow us to ensure it’s clean with a thorough power washing. Otherwise, you risk trapping dirt, oils, and other substances you’re trying to protect the concrete from. Then, you have the issue of using the right force and applying an even coating of sealant that’s neither too thin, nor too thick.  It can be a lot for an inexperienced DIYer.  Why not allow the Peak Power Wash team to handle this task for you? We’re not just in the business of cleaning your outdoor surfaces—we help to protect them, too!  And now’s the perfect time to seal any concrete areas before winter.  Call us today for a free estimate. 



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