Protect Pavers on your property this winter

The Holidays are approaching fast and they’re bringing old man winter along too. This time of year is challenging for many reasons, and can put a strain on your wallet, your home and your car. Well, your sidewalk and walking path are no different and can take a beating from not only the conditions of snow and ice, but some of the treatments and precautions we can take. The wet and cold weather can be killer on your pavers and can cause permanent damage. But there’s always simple work and ways to prevent this and to protect pavers, so never fear!

Protect Pavers With a Seal

Moisture. It’s a common culprit for many homeowner troubles and is the biggest to your pavers. Water carries with it impurities like dirt, rock, and other debris into cracks and could damage the foundation. Worse still by a wide margin is ice. When the water or snow packs hard and freezes, it will expand and can cause some large cracks and damage to form. A good method to avoid this is to apply sealer to keep out the water and impurities. Paver sealers are already good for blocking scratches and chips in the surface, but it also a great protectant against moisture. If you’re looking to use sealer in this way, most hardware stores keep a good supply of paver sealer available for purchase. If you’re looking to get it sealed professionally, it’s a great service we offer and we would be happy to oblige.

Too Salty!

Salt is a powerful tool in the many battles against the winter weather and the nasty falls and damage that it creates. However, could it also be posing a threat to some of your home? The salt of course draws in the moisture from the ice and snow removing it, but it collects it and simply stays on top of the surface. This means the salt could be doing more harm than good when it comes to your pavers. Instead, use an alternative material that’s good for creating traction on the surface (I.E sand etc). We wouldn’t want to see the condition of your patio or sidewalk pavers worsen further due to the salt!

Keep it Clean

Lastly, a simple and obvious one. Your pavers should be clean before the season gets into full swing to increase the amount of protection they have. Being proactive in this way can make your winter paver care a little easier and much better for their long-term health. Giving them a good power wash before the cold and weather really settles in can go a long way!

In conclusion, it’s not so hard to keep up with your patio and walkway pavers. For more tips, check out our other blogs. And if you want to schedule a professional power wash before winter, give us a call! We’d be happy to take on the job. We hope this article was helpful and enjoyable for you! Happy winter.



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