How to Prevent Mold and Mildew Outdoors

how to prevent mold and mildew outdoors

We’ve had a very wet and humid spring in Maryland, which makes the perfect growing conditions for mold and mildew.  While you’re able to control the environment inside your home to better prevent these problems, what are you supposed to do for your outdoor entertaining spaces? Just because your porch, patio, deck, siding, and pavers are constantly exposed to the elements doesn’t mean you have to accept these organisms staining your surfaces.  You just need a few insights. Here’s how to prevent mold and mildew outdoors.

What causes mold/mildew to grow in the first place?

Well, it’s actually made of living organisms—which means it requires food, just like we do.  Their diet primarily consists of dust (which is everywhere), air-born sugar aerosols (that drift down from trees, shrubs, and flowers in the form of sap or other debris), and one more key ingredient: water.  This is the main reason we’re having such a problem with it now!  From Frederick to Howard to Carroll and even Baltimore counties, Marylanders are seeing higher than average rainfall recently.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much.  Even the morning dew is enough to set off the growth of mold and mildew.  With the amount of moisture we’ve had recently, it’s all you can do to keep these pests from spreading.  If you could keep your outdoor areas totally dry, you’d have no problem, but that isn’t a realistic solution for most people. 

So, how do I remove it?

The easiest and most effective way to get mold and mildew out from all the cracks and crevices is with power washing.  Our pressure washing techniques ensure that all the grey/green signs of these problems will disappear.  It’ll even remove other signs of age and damage.  Because we use a soft washing method, it’s not nearly as strong (or destructive) as a traditional power wash.  Plus, our experienced staff will take care of the tedious task for you. It’s safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including house siding, patios, porches, masonry, decks, fences, and more!  So, if you live in Frederick, Carroll, Howard or Baltimore counties in Maryland or Gettysburg or Hanover in Pennsylvania, give us a call for a free quote today!

How do I keep it from coming back?

Once you’ve got a clean slate, so to speak, you can set about preventing the return of mold/mildew. While they make a number of chemical treatments targeting these issues, one of the oldest (and in our opinion, most effective) measures starts with copper.  It’s a natural biocide, which is safe for humans, animals, and plant-life (in moderation); it only targets organisms like mold and mildew.

Rather than lining all of your outdoor services in this metal, it’s much easier to spray them with a liquid copper solution.  You can even make your own with copper sulfate crystals and warm water.  Wait until your freshly power washed deck, patio, siding, etc. is completely dry and then apply the mixture liberally.  Some materials like concrete will absorb more than others, so you’ll have to see how your outdoor surfaces react.  Plus, be prepared to reapply periodically—more so in areas with significant rainfall.

Hopefully, the summer months will bring more sunshine, but even if they don’t—you don’t have to live with mold and mildew.  As soon as you notice it, give us a call.  We can help power wash your exterior, so it looks clean and new. Then, you have options to keep it that way!



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