Pressure Washing VS Power Washing: What’s the Difference?

Considering giving your outdoor space a firm scrubbing, pressure vs power washing? You’ve probably heard both the terms power washing and pressure washing as good options for cleaning applications. But do you know the differences? Are you trying to decide whether to employ Power Washing or pressure washing? Let us help you decide!

Similar Tech, Same goal

Though Pressure Washers and Power Washers employ similar technology to do the same job, Power Washers do have their fair share of advantages. What both machines offer you is an efficient way to remove heavy materials from a surface in a safe and clean way. Whether it’s grime, mud, insect debris, or heavy stains, both can make short work of their marks. However, power washing and pressure washing have a key difference: the temperature of the water.

Pressure vs Power Washing, What difference does the temperature make?

As you consider what choice is best, the temperature of the water and the type and durability of the surface should be the top priority. Power washers employ hot water, and are good for removing heavy amounts of mess and soiling material from tough surfaces in a quick fashion. Heavy and troublesome grime that has been left to set for some time can be specially stubborn, and much like a laundry was or doing the dishes heat can help do the trick to push the grime and mess to let go of the surface. But, some surfaces may be too delicate for such a powerful spray.

If you have concerns about the application of hot water power washing for your needs, Peak Power Washing is happy to help you decide if it is right for you. The cold water of pressure washing allows usage to be employed on more delicate surfaces without as much chance of causing damage or going overboard.

The choice is ultimately yours, but the choice can be an important one to get the job done properly. If you have any doubts, consulting with the experts here at Peak Power Wash would be a good start. We hope you found this article helpful and hope you will employ our services for your next Power Wash Job!



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