Preparing the Outside of Your House for Winter

How to Prepare the Outside of Your House for Winter

The threats of water damage and structural issues significantly increase as the winter begins to set in earnest in January. When a massive winter storm hits, preparing your home for winter could be the difference between your house remaining steadfast or needing significant repairs. More than this, your family’s safety and comfort could be put in jeopardy as well. But don’t worry, while winter does pose significant risks to your house, there are several easy ways you can effectively prepare the outside of your house for winter.


The walls of your house are the first defenses to the wind and cold of the winter season. The first thing you’ll want to do is to give all of your house’s surfaces, from walls to patio, a thorough cleaning when temperatures will allow. Besides making your house look nice, cleaning the walls of your house will help prevent algae, mold, and staining to your house’s exterior. If there is dirt or grime present and freezing conditions set in, this could lead to surface damage or even the spread of mold onto other walls or inside of the house. Mold will cause rot, which will contribute to structural instability. This will require costly repairs and replacements if the damage becomes widespread.

Prepare the Roof

Special focus should be given to cleaning and clearing your roof and gutters of debris. This should be done for several reasons. Removing grime and debris such as sticks or leaves from the roof and gutter will eliminate the risk of prolonged substances that can trap moisture and lead to water damage. This will also reduce the chance of snow and ice accumulating on the roof as well. This decreases pressure on the roof itself while also reducing the risk of water damage because the snow can easily melt and flow away instead of just being trapped on the roof.

Be sure to check your roof for significant damage and have them repaired, or even replace your roof if necessary. Remember, winter conditions will accelerate any preexisting damages, so the more you delay the worse the damage can become which will put the whole house at risk.

Protect the Pipes

Ice is the last thing you want in both your indoor and outdoor pipework. Aside from being a nuisance, freezing water will expand and burst your plumbing networks which could leave you without running water and even flooding. Again, you’ll want to check around your property for any hoses and pipes that seem damaged and have them mended. Insulating the exterior of your pipes could also help keep water from freezing and protect pipes from the winter elements.

Keep Walkways Clear

Should a winter emergency occur and you need to leave your home, have an unobstructed path from your home is very important. Again, the cleaner your surfaces, the less risk of extended damage. Be sure to clear your front and backyard walkways, decks, and patios, anywhere you will be outside, but especially the path leading to your vehicles. Not only will this keep these sections safe, but ensure that your family will have unhindered mobility in difficult winter conditions.

Start Preparing Now

Don’t wait for the day before a heavy snow to start preparing your home. In addition to general maintenance and repairs, cleaning your home’s exterior will play a major role in keeping you and your family safe. Keeping your home both beautiful and safe, is our central goal at Peak Powerwash. Our proven pressure cleaning process effectively cleans away materials that might damage any surface of your home. Take time to warm up and relax, we’ll take care of your outdoor preparations!



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