Prepare for the Holidays with Sure-Fire Quick Cleaning Tricks

Entertaining guests at your home this holiday season?  No need to work yourself into a frenzy.   Here’s how to clean your house quickly by spot cleaning it to keep it neat and tidy before the first guests arrive.

Holiday Cleaning Tips

  • Clean up. Throw stuff into a laundry basket that goes elsewhere and put items back where they belong. Tackle the most important room in the house first, such as the living room where guests will gather. 
  • Head to the kitchen next. Clean the stove top, surfaces and grates.  Scrub the sink.  Wipe down the kitchen cabinets and appliances.  Clean out the refrigerator to make room for party foods. Store away kitchen items you won’t be using in another location. This will open up space you plan to use for entertaining. 
  • Make sure the guest bathroom is squeaky clean. Brighten it up with fresh flowers, scented soaps and holiday decor.  Stock up on towels and put them out.  Fill up a basket with toiletries, soaps and other items your guests would appreciate.  Put a bin out to collect dirty towels.
  • Spray the shower daily with an all-purpose cleaner and do a quick wipe down. Doing this will help keep the shower clean.
  • Keep your cleaning supplies within easy reach. When a spill happens, you can clean it up quickly.  Check the refrigerator too and wipe up any spills inside. 
  • Wash dishes as you use them. After you prepare a meal, wash the pots, pans and dishes you just used.  Now, sit down for your meal and enjoy the feast.
  • Get off the couch while watching television and do a little dusting during commercial breaks.
  • Set a timer for 20 minutes and use that period to clean and organize.

Get Organized

Do an inventory of the cleaning supplies you have and stock up on anything you are missing.  These items can include sponges, all-purpose cleaning spray, glass cleaner, a mop, indoor brush and black trash bags.  Create a cleaning checklist.  Include a list of steps necessary to clean each room.  With the clock ticking until guests arrive, it is easy to forget to restock toilet tissue or clean the toaster oven.  Keep your checklist handy so you can use it again in the future.

Speed Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Want to do a quick clean up before the company comes? Try these time saving tricks to speed up the process.

Purchase a doormat. 85 percent of the dirt that comes into the home is from shoes.  Place shoes on the mat to keep the dirt contained.  Trade in your feather duster for a Swiffer one that traps and locks dust so it doesn’t move elsewhere.   A Swiffer Sweeper Vac cleans up better than a broom and dustpan.  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is used by the pros to rub scuff and grease marks off the wall.  Keep your garbage disposal odor-free with a lemon-scented disposer cleaner. 

Pick up around the house every day to keep rooms clutter-free.  Use a vacuum to clean all the floor surfaces. Establish a cleaning routine.  Put the cleaning supplies you use in one tote and store it away in a convenient place.  Use a squeegee on the shower walls and door after every use to cut down on soap scum.  

Follow these steps and have a holiday gathering that is fun, festive and stress-free.

Let Us Help You Clean

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