Prepare Your Deck for Summer Fun!

how to prepare your deck for the summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to take a closer look at your deck! Warm weather makes outdoor fun ideal, but it also exposes all the dirt and damage done to this recently unused space. Fortunately, you still have an opportunity to wash, repair, and re-stain your decking. If you start soon, you can even prep it with new furniture and decorations before that graduation party or Memorial Day barbecue! Just don’t forget to check and make sure you’re doing what’s best for your deck’s long-term health. Here’s how to prepare your deck for the summer.

What’s Your Type?

About 75% of decks today are made with pressure-treated lumber. While it’s affordable, this material must be maintained conscientiously to keep it safe and attractive! Redwood and/or cedar decking are higher quality options, but they still require some regular maintenance. If you’re considering a more unique variety, there are exotic woods, like ironwood and other tropical hardwoods. Although they’re more expensive than redwood and cedar, they’re also tough, beautiful, and naturally rot-resistant. Or, you can forgo wood altogether for composite or plastic decking! As a moderately priced alternative, it can mimic a variety of finishes.  Just be prepared for the special cleaning treatments needed to keep it strong.

Care for Your Decking

Staining and sealing is recommended every 3 to 4 years—no matter what type of wooden decking you choose.  Before you begin this process, you should also check the foundations of your deck. Get underneath it, if you can, and look for misaligned joints, rot, splintering, and wood-boring bugs. Staining a deck is a waste of time if you’re just brushing over the underlying issues! You might even be able to repair split boards on the deck surface yourself, if you’re handy enough.  DIY Network has some helpful instructions here.

Don’t forget about your annual power washing, too! It’s recommended for most types of wooden decking.  Including pressure-treated lumber, redwood and cedar, as well as composite decking. Power washing wood can be tricky since excess water pressure can damage the surface and stain. Even composite decking can be completely ruined with one bad power wash! Fortunately, at Peak Power Wash, we use the soft wash method. This allows us to tailor every cleaning to the individual needs of your outdoor surfaces.  On decks, we try to use the right blend of detergents to restore the area without environmental damage or waste. Our years of experience cleaning decks, patios, and more make us the reliable choice for a clean and sparkling deck.

Liven Things Up

After you’ve taken the time to care for your deck, you might as well enjoy it!  Before you start throwing your annual parties and barbecues, take the time to decorate your recently rejuvenated space. Bring a little life into the area by adding plants or even an attractive container garden.  The best deck greenery includes perennials that can tolerate tough conditions. From small plants to big ones, here are a few new container plant suggestions. Also, keep in mind that a front-row seat to hummingbirds or butterflies can brighten anyone’s day. Their favorite flowers do well in containers (like a small zinnia) or around the edges of a deck (like fuchsias or butterfly bushes).

Summer is getting closer every day.  Why wait to prepare for upcoming outdoor fun?  No matter what the occasion, a well-maintained deck makes the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable afternoon or evening.   If you need any help revitalizing your wood or composite decking, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  At Peak Power Wash, we’re proud to make maintenance easier on you with our innovative approach to power washing.  Consider us your exterior cleaning specialists throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania!



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