Precautions To Protect Your Fence In Winter

Winter is coming! Is your fence prepared? Usually, people think that the main house or deck are the primary structures at risk of winter damages, but the fence is in danger too. There are many different things you can when it comes to protecting your fence in the winter.

Even the strongest fence can be damaged by winter. Consider what a loss this would be to the house. One of the main security and aesthetic features of your home would be marred and necessitate repairs, or even complete replacement. Taking preventative measures to protect your fence will ensure that your fence remains sturdy. Here are some precautions you can take to protect your fence in winter.  

Inspection is Key!

Begin by going over your property and making sure your fence is structurally secure. Before snow, ice, and harsh winds pummel your property, take the time to check that the foundations of your fence are sturdy. Try shaking the fence to make sure sections aren’t loose or broken. Wooden fences are particularly susceptible to rot in winter due to the cold and moisture of the season. Winter weather will accelerate any damage or decay, so try to identify and resolve problems before heavy winter conditions hit.

Winter Preparations

After confirming that your fence is sturdy, it’s time to prepare in earnest. While we’re still above freezing temperatures, go ahead and have your fence cleaned. A thorough power washing will rid your fence of any debris and grime that will allow mold and even rust to set in. As an added benefit, your fence will look great going into the winter and be clean enough for you to decorate your fence for the holidays.

With wooden fences, consider having sealing installed to fortify gaps and sections that are beginning to crack. If water gets into wooden cracks, it’ll freeze, expand, and splinter the wood, so applying waterproof sealant will help prevent this. Staining the wood will strengthen your wood against the seasonal water damage. Additionally, staining will also help shield the wood from dirt and general wear-and-tear throughout the year.

While metal and vinyl fences aren’t as susceptible to damage, you should still keep an eye on them. No matter what kind of fence you have, consider removing snow around the perimeter to prevent damage. This will eliminate pooling water which could compromise the foundation of your fence and potentially cause additional water damage.

Be Safe

While maintaining your fence, make sure to dress appropriately for the cold weather. If you’re improperly clothed, hypothermia can easily set in. Layer up and be sure to wear a hat and scarf to protect your head, neck, and ears against frostbite. These articles of clothing will also help you retain more heat!

It’s easy to lose track of time during fall and winter, so make sure you allow yourself the proper visibility to inspect your fence. The last thing you want is to trip, cut yourself, or damage your fence by accident! Be sure to limit your exposure to the winter elements. Even when dressed warmly, you can still get muscle aches and colds from winter winds. In fact, why not have our team at Peak Powerwash inspect and clean your fence!  In addition to cleaning, we also offer staining and sealing for wooden fences to help prepare them for the worst of winter weather storms!



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