Power Washing in Cold Weather

how to power wash in the cold

Throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania, temperatures have dropped drastically in the last few weeks. Whether or not you’re a fan of cooler weather, a change like this inevitably brings questions.  Like, “Can you still schedule power washing?” or “When does it get too cold to pressure wash my home?”  Since it seems like fall’s here to stay (and winter’s just around the corner), we’ll tackle how to power wash in the cold!

What do you consider cold? 

For some people, anything below 60 degrees is cold—for others, as long as temperatures stay above 30 degrees, you’re good.  When it comes to power washing, though, there’s one key temperature we try to keep in mind: 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is the freezing point for water, and the point at which our job gets a little trickier.  As long as it’s not windy, we can technically continue to use most standard techniques on days when temperatures drop down to 15 degrees.  However, when it’s windy, it should really be above 35 degrees Fahrenheit (to account for the wind chill).  Even so, we try to caution our clients about icy surfaces.  As your siding, sidewalks, and other areas dry, they’re likely to ice during colder seasons.  So, we recommend putting rock salt or another form of ice melt down for safety. 

Extra Protection for Equipment

On our end, the power washing tools simply require more maintenance in colder weather.  It’s one of the main reasons why we encourage homeowners to seek professional help—especially during this time of year.  If you have a pressure washer of your own, it’s extremely easy to damage once winter arrives.  By failing to properly drain your water lines or store your equipment, you can cause the pieces inside the washer to freeze and break.  Requiring you to pay for expensive repairs or replace the unit altogether come next spring!  Honestly, even transporting the equipment presents a risk, since you have to keep everything above 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  So, we try not to leave our machinery exposed to the elements, as they would be in a truck bed.  Plus, we let the vehicles warm up beforehand!  Fortunately, you can let us worry about all of these details and just enjoy your freshly-cleaned surfaces after we’re finished.

A Slightly Different Approach

But it’s not just the power washing equipment that will start to work differently in the colder weather.  Even the chemical cleaners we use will have to change slightly now.  All options will start to work slower in the cold—and some won’t work at all below a certain temperature.  Keep in mind, many cleaners require a chemical reaction to work effectively, and the key ingredient is heat!  Without heat and direct sunlight, our technique has to change. Fortunately, at Peak Power Wash, we offer free consultations.  This enables us to assess the situation and form a plan to remove whatever problems you have with your siding, decking, fencing, etc.  Plus, we can provide you an estimate ahead of time along with our honest assessment.  So, if we think it’s a job that should wait for spring, we’ll tell you that, too! Call us today to get this process started. 



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