4 of the Best Plants for Creating Privacy in Your Yard

Your backyard should feel like an escape, but without making a conscious effort to create adequate privacy, you might not feel quite at home. These four plants are the best plants for creating privacy in your yard!

Climbing Plants

You might picture privacy plants being large and bushy, but there are many great plants for creating privacy that grow in vines. Of course, if yard maintenance isn’t your forte, you could always plant ivy and watch it take off. On the other hand, if you want something that is a little easier to control, we have a few recommendations. If you simply plant a Clematis near a fence or wall, for example, the plant will start climbing it with only little guidance required periodically on your end. As a bonus, this plant produces large vibrant flowers in late spring or early summer. Some of our other favorite flowering climbing plants include Climbing Hydrangea and Climbing Rose Bush.

Skip Laurel

If you’d like a plant to create a true wall of privacy, Skip Laurel is a great pick. If you stay dedicated to pruning this evergreen plant, it can be shaped into a 10-foot privacy wall, even in more shady areas of your yard.


On its own, Arborvitae is a small-sized evergreen tree that provides minimal privacy. However, creating privacy is very easy with multiple trees spaced out in a line. Once they grow in, they create a perfect hedge of privacy. The best part is they can survive in virtually any soil and temperature conditions.

Privet Tree

If you’d like a fast-growing privacy plant, the Privet Tree could be an excellent choice for you. This tree grows 2-3 feet per year, meaning you will have a dense, bushy tree to shield your property from prying eyes in no time. With dedicated pruning, the Privet Tree can also be shaped into a hedge.

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