Our Favorite Summer-Blooming Annuals

Summer is fast approaching! How is your landscape looking? Chances are that your perennials are in full bloom and providing you with beautiful sights day after day. If you’ve noticed any gaps in your garden, it’s a great idea to fill them with annuals to provide a pop of color and tie the entire aesthetic of your garden together. Here are four of our favorite summer-blooming annuals!

Our Top Four Summer Blooming Annuals


Looking for a low-maintenance plant that will thrive without much sunlight? Caladium is one of our favorites. This 10”-14” annual produces heart-shaped leaves that are colored with reds, greens and whites. These plants thrive when planted en masse, and now that cold nights are a distant memory, they are fully in season!

New Guinea Impatiens

Impatiens are another great option for shady to moderately low sunlight areas of the garden. You really can’t go wrong with these flowers! They can thrive planted en masse or separately, whether it is warm or cool outside. As an added bonus, they do a great job of attracting butterflies with their bright pink petals!

Petunia Night Sky

 There are seemingly endless varieties of Petunia plants on the market, but Petunia Night Sky is one of our top choices. These full sun annuals will wow you with their stunning pattern that offers glimpses resembling scenes from outer space. The deep blue and purple petals only grow in intensity as the weather gets warmer, so be sure to get these planted ASAP!

Wax Begonia

 Wax Begonia is one of the most common bedding plants that you’ll come across in landscaping, and there is a great reason for that! These plants are sturdy, low maintenance and can thrive throughout the summer and early autumn in high sunlight spaces. All of this, and the plant still manages to produce a long-lasting bloom, and sometimes even blooms twice in one season. 

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