Our Favorite Garden Trends for 2021

Now that winter is finally behind us, it’s the perfect time to shift our attention toward perfecting our outdoor landscapes. In addition to your usual pruning, planting and mulching, what else should you be planning for your garden in 2021? Here are three of our favorite garden trends in 2021 that have been gaining a lot of momentum thus far this spring.

Increased Interest in Composting

Composting has been a rapidly growing trend over the last decade. In fact, the number of communities offering composting programs has surged by 65% in the last five years alone.  If you aren’t in on the composting action yet, this spring is the perfect time to start! Composting is totally free, fun, sustainable and will allow you to fill your flowerbeds with loamy, nutrient-packed soil.

Emphasis on Outdoor Lighting

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners are choosing to upgrade their outdoor lighting systems this spring. For starters, it makes it easier to enjoy our outdoor spaces even as the sun begins to set. If you plan to start entertaining now that the weather is warming up, decorative lighting is sure to make your evenings even more festive and bright. As an added bonus, a well-lit home is a lot less attractive to potential intruders than a completely dark home.

Creating a Place to Escape

More and more individuals are getting the COVID-19 vaccination all the time, but that doesn’t mean that social distancing measures will disappear overnight. As such, we can expect to spend a decent portion of our spring at home. To maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor space this year, consider making an outdoor escape! You can decorate with low-maintenance plants to avoid having to keep up with an unreasonable amount of upkeep. Additionally, accessorizing your outdoor space with sounds of water, shades and a fire pit will keep you comfortable regardless of what the weather brings throughout the rest of the year.

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