Organize Your Home: Install a Mudroom

The mudroom is one of the highest traffic areas in your home.  When people come in after being outdoors in the snow or rain, this is the place they stop, drop their wet stuff, and take off their boots or shoes.  You can easily create a mudroom that fits your space, budget and style.

The Basics of a Mudroom

Start with a simple wooden bench. This is a place where everyone can sit down, put on and take shoes off easily.  Add storage baskets underneath to store the footwear in. Install a few hooks on the wall of the mudroom to hang coats, hats and bags.

Have Designated “Lockers”

A built-in cabinet system will ensure everyone has their own space in the mudroom.  Each person is designated a cabinet with hooks to hang things on, a place to put their shoes, and a basket to store seasonal items in.  Cabinets can include doors and drawers to keep the dirty attire out of sight.  Paint the structure in a solid color to add visual appeal.

Find a Place

If you don’t have a spot in your entryway, add a storage cabinet in the corner of your kitchen, or your garage, near a door.  All you need is a bench, an old table, wire baskets or floating shelves. Use the wall space too. Put bins on the ground, mount file folders in the middle of the wall, and hang hooks higher up.  A wall mount with hooks to hang keys is also useful.

Mudroom Decorating Ideas

Vintage finds, like a wooden bench, are always eye-catching.  Surround it with accessories, like greenery or artwork.  Install wallpaper to liven up the space.  Stack up wooden crates for storage, putting the heaviest items at the bottom. Hang a dry erase or bulletin board to post schedules, messages, reminders and to-do lists on.

Keep the Mudroom Clean

Don’t forget to clean and organize the mudroom at the end of each week. Stock the area with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and sprays to easily clean backpacks, books and electronics that have been out and about.  Don’t forget a small trash can to throw the wipes in.

More Handy Ideas

Set up a charging area. Use counter space or a shelf for this.  If there are several tablets, laptops and phones, use a mail sorter to separate them and plug them into a power strip. 

Dedicate a space for sporting equipment. Use labeled bins to organize items by activity, such as baseball or dance. You can also use a small drawstring backpack to put equipment in, and hang it on a hook. All a family member has to do is grab it and go.

Hang up a folder or slots on the mudroom wall for each school-aged person in the household to store papers in. Include one for notices that parents need to sign and return to school. 

The Price of a Mudroom

The cost to build a mudroom varies. Most homeowners will pay an average of $12,000 to add a mudroom to their home.  Converting a closet into one will usually cost no more than $4,500.  Enclosing a porch with mesh to use as a mudroom will cost at least $2,500. Additional features, like a custom-built bench or cabinets, will push up the final price tag.  Of course, if you make your mudroom a DIY project, and have  space for it, it will cost a lot less. 

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