Operation Fall: No Leaf Left Behind In Baltimore

leaves autumn fall yard

Every year, people travel from all over the country to see the changing leaf colors of the mid-Atlantic. Baltimore and its surrounding areas – Frederick, Columbia, Bel Air and beyond – are all infamous for the beautiful fall scenery, and for good reason. These areas contain a healthy mix of rustic atmosphere and picturesque landscapes, combined with ample accommodations to stay in and around Baltimore’s historic city.

The result is a sweet autumnal adventure, full of exploration and wonder as onlookers enjoy the rainbow of colors that burst into life as the weather takes on that characteristic chill. This seasonal display is great for all to enjoy – but the scenery isn’t the only thing that changes.

As the weather shifts, leaves begin to drop – along with other debris from the branches above – accumulating on driveways, in gutters, and all over the yard. If left untended, piles of this fallen foliage can cause damage that can be difficult (and expensive) to repair. But with a little upkeep and some preventive care, it’s easy to keep your home free of leafy damage, so it can easily be made vibrant once more come springtime.

Keep An Eye Out

Do you know one of the best things you can do to prevent substantial damage to every area of your home in the fall and winter? Keep an eye out for potential hazards. We have some beautiful trees here in the Baltimore area, but overhanging oaks in Owings Mills and protruding pines in Pasadena can all cause damage if dead branches go unnoticed.

Identifying sites that could be affected by heavy winds and accumulations of snow or ice can make a big difference in the possible damage that your home could suffer over the long winter season.

Move It Out

Leaving leaves lying around might create some cute autumn ambience, but the setting might not be worth the trouble. Piles of leaves retain tons of moisture and can be a big nuisance – from creating difficult-to-repair dead spots on your lawn to attracting wood-damaging pests to your fence, deck and siding.

And again, being proactive is key to managing this step efficiently. By tackling the leaves every few days while they’re falling, you can avoid ending up with a seemingly impossible task that accompanies waiting until the very end of the season to rake up an entire blanket of debris throughout your yard

Preserve & Protect

Aside from identifying potential hazards to your home over the cooler months, the next best thing you can do to prevent damage in and around your home is to intercede before it happens. Thankfully, here in the Baltimore area we have relatively mild temperatures for the first few weeks of fall – making this the perfect time to take precautionary measures like refinishing a deck or fence.

Using a residential pressure washer – or hiring a professional to tackle the job for you – to clean your exterior surfaces is the first step. Then apply a coating of your favorite weatherproof sealant to finish the job, protecting your home from anything winter might throw its way.



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