4 Natural Ways to Enjoy a No-squito Summer

Not long ago, many of us were itching for the warm weather of spring. We’re now halfway through the season, but there’s still an all-too-familiar itch. This one doesn’t have us seeking a respite from the bitter cold, however. Instead, homeowners across the region are hoping for relief from the bite of one of Maryland’s most annoying insects. Mosquito numbers have been at an all-time high in recent years, and the problem has left residents scratching their heads, arms, legs, and any other body part that’s been feasted upon. Unfortunately, the bugs are likely here to stay, but there are several steps you can take to drastically reduce their ranks on your property. And even better, it can be done in an environmentally friendly way. Here’s what you need to know.

There Are Good Plants…

Your garden can be a great way to fight mosquitoes. Many popular plants act as natural insect repellants, producing chemicals that keep the insects at bay. Basil, catnip, marigold, rosemary, thyme, and lemon balm are some species whose sweet smells work wonders. Citronella is another solid option, and it can be planted in the ground or its oil can be burned in candles and torches that are placed around the yard as a pest perimeter.

…And Bad Plants

Mosquitoes like dark, damp places, making ground cover plants a heavenly hideout. Ivy, ferns, bugleweed, hosta, creeping phlox, and lily of the valley are some species that entice the insect thanks to its thick shade. Spacing out these plants will increase circulation, thereby reducing the excess moisture that also attracts the bugs.

Watch the Water

The best way to cut down on mosquitoes is to keep them from breeding. That means removing stagnant water from your property. Hundreds of eggs can be contained in as little as one cup of water, so be diligent in dumping or replacing water in birdbaths, rain barrels, trash cans, and flowerpot saucers, and fill in any sunken parts of the lawn.

Washing Works

Mosquitoes have extremely sensitive heat receptors, and that causes them to frequent dark surfaces and clothing, which absorbs heat as opposed to light-colored ones that reflect it. So, the dirtier a home is, the more likely mosquitoes will be attracted to it. Instead of making the home a mosquito magnet, give it a thorough power washing to remove the dirt, dust, grime, and mildew that sets the stage for insects. As well, many bugs like to nest in tight areas, making vinyl siding, deck boards, and other exterior structures very welcoming. Power washing a home cleans every nook and cranny, removing insect nests while also making surfaces look beautiful.

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