Make Your Pool Eco-Friendly


There’s no better place to spend a hot summer’s day than by the swimming pool. It’s a popular spot with friends and family.  Plus, a quick dip in the water offers the ultimate relief from high temperatures. But while the pool is helping you make the most of the season, it could be harming the environment. Chemically treated water evaporates, releasing chlorine into the atmosphere. Which then contributes to greenhouse gases. Leaks are a common problem that result in water waste, even as most pool pumps constantly consume energy. Your pool doesn’t need to make waves with Mother Nature, however. Here are four ways to enjoy an eco-friendly pool:

Keep It Covered

Put a lid on your pool’s environmental impact by covering it when not in use. Covers significantly reduce evaporation, keeping water levels at capacity and cutting down on water waste. Using a cover seals in heat, so energy is saved by reducing the need for artificial heating. Debris also is kept out of the pool, which limits the burden placed on your pool filter.

Green Cleaning

Just like a bathtub, sometimes your swimming pool needs a good scrubbing. It keeps your pool looking pristine while also removing harmful bacteria and germs. But before dumping out the water, check local ordinances for proper disposal procedures.  Otherwise the chemicals you use in your pool could find their way into local waterways. And when power washing, clean with environmentally friendly products. Peak Power Wash only uses eco-friendly detergents to power wash pools, and we’d be happy to provide a free estimate for your next pool cleaning

Plant for Protection

A cool breeze feels great on a hot and muggy day, but it’s actually hurting your pool—and your pocketbook. Wind causes pool water to evaporate and lowers the temperature level of the water. It also carries leaves and plant material that can clog the pool filter.  Meaning your filter and heater have to work harder, use more energy, and increase your monthly electric bill. Fortunately, you can create an eco-friendly pool with proper landscaping.  If you plant trees and shrubs around the pool to serve as a natural windbreak, you can save money/energy.  While you benefit from the additional privacy and scenic beauty of your protective plant life. 

Filter Follow-Through

Pool pumps expend more energy when overcompensating for a clogged filter. So, keep your pool water blue and its impact green by investing in regular filter upkeep. Sand filters offer easy cleaning and should be attended to every year. Cartridge filters are more difficult to maintain, but they tolerate less frequent cleaning and use less water. Making them a more eco-conscious option. Some environmentally savvy pool owners prefer moss filters since they rely less on harmful chemicals, including chlorine.

When you’re relaxing by the pool this summer, don’t forget the importance of keeping it clean. Peak Power Wash provides comprehensive cleaning services for the pool and any exterior surface. If you’re in central Maryland or south-central Pennsylvania, give us a call for an eco-friendly approach today!



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