Essential Home Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

For most Americans, your house is your biggest investment. But the words “home maintenance” bring dread to the heart of every homeowner. After all, who wants to spend their weekend clearing dirt and debris from a storm drain? But a few hours spent keeping up with chores can save you a lot of time and money in the future. Don’t let the million “I’ll-take-care-of-it-later”s turn into one big “I-can’t-believe-that-price-tag!”– follow these tips to keep your home safe and in great shape. Here are some top home maintenance tips.


  • …your chimney regularly to make sure it provides proper ventilation for your home! Chimneys are crucial in keeping the air breathable and carrying harmful gases away from your fireplace. You’ll also want to have it inspected by a professional about once a year to be safe.
  • …your gutters twice a year! Every spring and fall, clear out the dead leaves, dirt, and other debris that clog up your gutters to keep them in good shape. Just be careful on that ladder if you decide to do the job yourself!
  • …out your drains, especially after a storm! Clogged drains can cause flooding, and regular clearing of debris is crucial in preventing an overflow of water during heavy rainfall.
  • …out your exhaust fans to avoid mold growth above your kitchen or bathroom! These fans help keep moisture and smells away, but only if you keep track of their upkeep.
  • …your siding twice a year! A buildup of grit can damage the masonry and paint over time. When the warm weather finally rolls around, it’s a great time to wash away the grime from the winter season. Call Peak Power Wash at 443-686-WASH (9274) for quality service– we’ll make sure your siding is clean as a whistle without the fear of damage to your home.

Look For…

  • …crumbling, peeling, or mildew around your bathroom caulk/grout! A quick touchup of any light damage can save you a lot of money in the long run– especially if a crumbling seal is causing a leak. Just be sure to have a professional handle the job if the damage gets too great!
  • …downspouts that have come disconnected from the outside of your home! This is another important factor to prevent water damage. Always check to ensure that water flowing from your gutters is directed away from your home and doesn’t pool at the bottom of your downspout.
  • …signs of pests and other damage around the foundation of your home! No one has to be told how important a sturdy foundation is, so make sure to do a thorough check– especially in the spring.
  • …cracks in your driveway! This is another example of catching small cracks and signs of wear before they become a bigger problem. It’s a lot cheaper to nip these issues in the bud rather than having to repave sections of your driveway when the damage grows more significant.
  • …cracks and deterioration in your window and door seals! This helps conserve energy and lowers the heating/cooling costs of your home no matter the season.
  • …dead trees or limbs growing close to your home! Trim your trees regularly to ensure your house is safe from falling limbs. If your property has a lot of trees, hire a professional to inspect and remove any dead trees if necessary. It’s better to be cautious, especially if you live in an area with heavy winds or rainfall that can loosen roots.

Keep Track of…

  • …your HVAC system maintenance! Have a professional inspect and clean your unit to make sure it’s running smoothly and safely.
  • …the state of your roof– make sure to have it inspected twice a year! Replacement can be very expensive, but a leaky roof can cause water damage and drives up heating/cooling costs in your home.
  • …fire extinguisher maintenance! Don’t wait for an emergency to reach for your fire extinguisher only to realize the handle is too jammed to use. Keep it free of grime and make sure it’s in a clean and easy-to-reach location.
  • …the plumbing in your home! This may go without saying, but it’s important to check regularly for leaks or loose pipes. Call a professional for help if you notice any damage to your home’s plumbing.
  • …smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors! Again, this may be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many homeowners neglect to ensure their detectors are working correctly. Never wait to change expired batteries and check your detectors regularly to keep your home safe.



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