Keep Allergies at Bay with Outdoor Cleaning

how outdoor cleaning help allergies

They say spring is peak allergy season, but this year did it ever really stop?  Summer can be just as bad for common outdoor allergies—if not worse—especially in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Late blooming trees from our cool spring, grass, and weeds thriving in our recent humidity, and more all contribute to lots of itching and sneezing. So, even if you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces, a fine layer of allergens can drive you back inside.  Rather than starting your cleaning from the indoors, attack the problem at the source! With some of these helpful hints:

Scrub the Surfaces

Many all-weather materials specially designed for outdoor use may stand up to moisture, but they also attract allergens.  Vinyl siding, fencing, wooden decks, porous patios, and even concrete absorb more than you think!  So, rather than continuously clean your kitchen floors, cabinets, carpets, etc., stop the allergens before they have a chance to come inside.  A quick power washing should remove most of the dirt, dust, pollen, mold, and mildew.  Even the firmly entrenched stuff.  Plus, you can schedule regular seasonal pressure washing to keep your allergies at bay. That way, you can actually spend time outside, no matter what season it is.

Don’t Forget the Fabrics

Patio cushions, rugs, and other similar surfaces are like magnets for allergens!  It’s true they may be comfortable, but just sitting on them can release plenty of pollen and dust into the air.  Whether they’re under a covered area or not, these still need regular cleanings—more often than your indoor furniture and fabric. Fortunately, we have a trick from the expert on a quick, laundry-free method that anyone who owns a vacuum cleaner and garbage bag can manage.  Check out this video tutorial for step-by-step directions.  Of course, if you’ve had your furniture for a few seasons now, it may be time to upgrade and look for something a little newer (and cleaner).

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

If your first instinct to combat allergies is to Lysol everything, that could be part of your problem. Many household cleaners actually contain chemicals that can irritate just as much—if not more—than they help. So, you’ll notice that all of our suggestions contain little to no irritants.  We even use a “soft washing” technique as our approach to pressure washing. This relies on cleansers specifically tailored to your situation, so we need less overall.  Therefore, if you’ve ever had problems with or hesitations about power washing in the past, let us come out this summer!  We work in Maryland’s Frederick County, Howard County, Carroll County, and Baltimore County—as well as up throughout Gettysburg and York in Pennsylvania.  Not only will you see the Peak Power Wash difference, but you’ll feel it too. Although we can’t remove everything that causes outdoor allergies, we can help you reduce your exposure and make the most of your summer



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