Kayaking: Why it’s Popular

why is kayaking popular

Have you ever wondered why is kayaking popular? Well, Kayaking is a great summer sport enjoyed by people of all ages.  Imagine being out on the water, surrounded by nature, your stress melting away.  In fact, recreational kayaking leads the paddlesports category in popularity. Here’s how to get a piece of the action.

Kayaking Benefits

Kayaking is a great outdoor exercise option. It can be as challenging or relaxing as you want it to be. It provides a great cardio workout that’s easy on your joints and tissues, while strengthening your muscles.  A kayak is portable and can be launched from any shore, riverside or dock.  The beautiful destinations are endless. 

Essential Kayaking Equipment

Paddle. Consider the width of your kayak and measure your torso to find the correct paddle length for you.

Lifejacket.  A Personal Floatation Device is critical.  A life jacket should fit well without feeling too light or too loose.  This is a key life-saving tool you should always have while on the water.

Bilge pump or bailer.  You will need this pump to quickly remove unwanted water from your kayak. 

Maps or compasses.  Don’t rely on your smartphone GPS. You may not get a signal, or your battery may die.  Always have a backup map and compass to help you navigate. 

Signaling device.  Bring a whistle or alarm so emergency services can find you in case of an emergency. 

Helmet and shoes. Always wear a helmet to protect your head in case your kayak flips over. 

Wear proper footwear, such as wet shoes with non-slip rubber soles. Don’t wear flip-flops.

Snacks and Water. These are crucial to keep your energy up and to stay hydrated. 

How to Begin Kayaking

It’s best to rent a kayak if you are new to the sport.  You can take it out on the water, enjoy the day, and just return it when you’re done. Consider joining a paddling club to meet other kayakers.  Many clubs offer rentals, storage and educational resources.  You might also want to go on an organized tour for your first trip.  You’ll get familiar with basic equipment and build your confidence.  There are also many public kayaking lessons available to choose from.

Types of Kayaking

There are many different types of kayaking to choose from. 

Recreational. This is where most people start.  Head out on a flat lake or gentle river, get used to the boat and learn how to paddle correctly.  Recreational kayaks are usually wide and stable. They are ideal for beginners. 

Kayak Touring.  If you are used to a long day of paddling, a day or weekend tour may be the way to go.  If you’re going downstream, you can cover a vast distance and see some great sights. A longer tour is a great way to see an entire country.

White-water Kayaking.  If you are a skilled kayaker, this may give you the best thrill.  It’s risky, however, so make sure you are well prepared.  You must know all the different types of paddling.

Places to Kayak in Maryland

There are plenty of beautiful spots to go kayaking in Maryland.  Beginners and seasoned kayakers will like Tuckahoe State Park. Deep Creek Lake has calm waters and lots of scenery. There are also lakes nearby with more challenging rapids.  The Potomac River offers a lot of history, as well as calm water or rapids.   Dundee Creek outside Baltimore is another popular spot for kayaking. It features birds and marshy coves and inlets waiting to be explored. 

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