It’s Fall Leaf Cleanup Time: Get Your Yard Winter Ready

The brilliant colors of the autumn leaves provide stunning colors to the outdoors, but they do create quite a mess after they fall, especially in your own yard. While you are preparing to power wash your deck or home before winter arrives, make sure to do some fall leaf cleanup. Rake up all the leaves now if you want a healthy and lush lawn when spring comes. We have some advice on how to get rid of fall leaves.

 How to Get Rid of Fall Leaves

First of all, find the right rake for the job. A leaf rake is a basic tool for fall leaf cleanup. These rakes have long, somewhat flexible lightweight tines. Find one with an ergonomic handle, a tine spread of 24 to 30 inches, and “no clog” tines. Find a rake that is long enough for you too work comfortably without straining you back.

Leaf Vacuums Versus Leaf Blowers

If you choose to use a leaf vacuum, make sure you remove twigs, garden mulch and landscape rocks from your yard. They can damage the impeller while they are being sucked up into the collector bag. When used properly, a leaf vacuum can also mulch the debris you collect.

If you have a big yard, a leaf blower can do the trick. They quickly blow dry fallen leaves into piles for easy cleanup.

Turn Leaves into Mulch

Consider bagging leaves with a mower, which shreds the leaves, turning them into compost.

The mulch will slowly break down over the winter, providing nutrients to the grass underneath.

Rake your leaves into a tarp instead of a large pile on the grass. Once the tarp is full, you can drag it over to your compost pile or trash cans to dispose of.

Get Leaves Off the Roof

Blow the leaves off a low-pitched roof with a leaf blower, or use a broom or extension pole to pull them off steeper roofs. You can also use a roof rake for leaves. Leaves and moss left on the roof can trap water and cause your roof to deteriorate. Get mold off of the roof using a diluted bleach solution or use a specific roof cleaner.

Clear the Gutters

Solid gutter guards, which cover all of the gutter except for a narrow crack to let water through, prevent small leaves and debris from getting into and clogging up the system. However, do expect some smaller stuff, like pine needles and seeds, to get through. Also be sure to clean out the wet autumn leaves from your gutter spouts before the blockages cause a problem.

Wear the Proper Equipment

If you have problems with allergies, wear a dust mask while you work and take a shower once you are through to wash away pollen and dust. Wear a pair of gardening gloves to ward off blisters.

No Leaf Burning Allowed

Do not burn the leaves you collect. It not only poses a fire hazard, but releases a lot of smoke and pollutants into the air that can irritate eyes, lungs and harm the environment. Plus, the practice is illegal in many areas.

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