Is Power Washing Necessary?

Power washing has become a mainstay of home and business exterior upkeep. Though it isn’t always necessary, it can make short work of very large scale cleaning jobs. So how do you decide whether this type of cleaning is the correct application? Let’s go over some considerations.

Concrete and Asphalt

The first item to consider is the surface material you wish to clean. Power washing is appropriate for many surfaces. Asphalt and concrete are prime examples of surfaces that respond very well to power washing, and tend to need a good cleaning due to their every day usage. Whether it’s tire scuff marks, mud and dirt residue, some chemical residues, moss, etc, some manner of washing is ideal for removing caked on material from these surfaces. However, some concrete and asphalt can be delicate if there are many signs of age; or if there has been a great deal of prolonged chemical or fluid exposure. If there is heavy cracks visible and missing chunks of material, there is a chance that high pressure water could cause further damage if not handled properly.

Is Power Washing Necessary for Plastic Material and Siding

Much like concrete and asphalt surfaces, plastic siding, lattice, lawn furniture, and other plastic materials can be perfect candidates for power washing. Plastic tends to attract and gather moss, mold, mud, and lots of other imperfections quite easily. Power washing is perfect to remove these foreign materials, though it should be determined if the plastic surfaces are in good condition to withstand it. Plastic siding can crack and dry rot, and can get flaky from sun damage if it is exposed to a constant amount of sunlight.

Is Power Washing Necessary for Fabric

When cleaning fabric, most types should be avoided is it is quite delicate. Similar to plastic, fabric snd cloth can degrade with exposure to the elements. If you’re looking to power wash cushions or canopy covers, material and age should be considered. Newer water-repelling material should hold up perfectly, but older materials are prone to wear and tear.

Glass and Painted Surfaces

Windows and other glass surfaces are great candidates for cleaning. As the surface is rigid, flat, and also easy to clean with one. Often if the window’s condition is in question for cleaning, it’s the weatherstripping or framing that can degrade moreso. Be sure to have them inspected by an expert here at Peak Power Wash when you decide to employ our services! Speaking of paint, this may be the trickiest surface to consider. Easily remove paint by power washing if it is an older coating or a flakier material; which if paint removal is the goal is perfect. However, if standard cleaning is the goal a soft wash method may be best when it comes to paint.

In closing, I hope that you found this article helpful in considering Power Washing Services from us and that it clears up proper Power Washing applications! For even more helpful information, see our additional blogs!



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