Ice Build-up and it’s many risks to plastic

Winter is the time of year for warm cozy spaces indoors, and cold and harsh conditions outdoors. Where there is cold and damp weather there is ice and all the issues it brings with it. One issue in particular is ice build-up.

Ice presents many risks to a person’s well-being, and to the condition of many materials – especially plastic. Before you try to take care of ice, know the risks involved in its removal and in its general presence. Here are some tips to make it easier to deal with!


Plastic is used for just about everything these days. From car bumpers to siding and fencing, plastic has become a mainstay of many aspects of daily life. In the winter months, plastic siding and bumpers will gather large amounts of moisture and ice buildup. This causes the plastic material to become highly brittle, and much more susceptible to breaking and damage. For example, a small bump with your car into a surface that normally would just cause it to flex and maybe sustain small chips or scratches could cause the bumper to crack or shatter due to the increase stiffness of the material. Pay special mind to your surroundings when parking and driving!

Ice Build-up Prevention

Being observant of your surroundings is always a good idea, but it should be doubly so when it is cold, and ice is present. It’s tempting to clean or scrape ice and snow from surfaces quickly as it’s an unpleasant job to be sure. However, being reckless simply treating the cleaning of the surface could result in damage.

Unlike water, dirt, mud and other impurities, ice can form a very tight bond with the plastic and be hard to remove safely without cracking the material due again to that increased stiffness. It also can take paint off very easily as well if you are scraping a bit too vigorously. Be sure to take extra care when cleaning up plastic of all the ice and snow present!

Winter is cold, the days are short and the commutes to work even less pleasant than the rest of the year. Well to make it a more enjoyable season in some small way, take heed of these tips and keep your car and home’s siding safe from damage!



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