How to Spend More Time Outdoors This Spring

Despite the draw of sunshine and warm weather, motivation to spend more of your time outdoors can be scarce in the midst of a busy schedule. But getting out and enjoying the fresh air is important for your health, and with winter fading it’s time to get out of the house again. Here’s how to spend more time outdoors this spring!

Outdoor Office

Still stuck working at home? Break up the monotony by bringing your laptop outside! Just make sure it isn’t raining first. Take a seat on your porch or deck and enjoy the sunshine while you work. Take a conference call outside or stretch your legs in between meetings. Working from home doesn’t have to mean staring at the same four walls from nine to five!

Take a Walk

Simple but effective! Remember how happy those daily walks made your dog during quarantine? Make your pet’s day and keep the tradition going. Enjoy the time of year when the trees and flowers are just beginning to bloom. Turn it into a workout and jog or simply take a stroll on your lunch break. Take time for yourself and celebrate the dawn of spring.

Impromptu Picnic

Sometimes the smallest things feel like an adventure. The next time the sun is shining, grab a blanket and spread out on the grass. Have fun with it and bring out a yard game or two. If you have deck furniture, take the opportunity to eat dinner as the sun sets. Eating while enjoying a beautiful spring evening counts as multitasking!

Family Time

Spend time with your kids this spring and break out the sidewalk chalk, bikes, scooters, and soccer balls! A healthy professional- and personal-life balance is crucial, especially when you have a family. Take time in your day to go outside and take a walk, play a game of pickup basketball, or simply sit and talk with the special people in your life.

Ready for Spring Cleaning?

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