How to Maintain a Pet-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

The purpose of investing in your outdoor living space is to create a spot for the whole family to spend time together. In our opinion, pets should be included as well! Your furry friend is likely to be spending a lot of time with you in your outdoor space, so here’s how you can make sure the space suits them. 

4 Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

Pet-Friendly Furniture

Be sure to set your dog or cat up with all the amenities they will need to stay happy and comfortable outdoors. For example, a bed with some overtop shade and nearby water should keep them cool and hydrated as you go about your afternoon. If your pet likes to enjoy patio furniture as well, you should be sure to seek out scratch-proof materials like metal, resin or wood instead of wicker and other woven materials. Removable and washable covers could also save you some trouble down the road.

Choose Patio Surface Carefully

To make the perfect pet-friendly outdoor living space, it may be worth avoiding traditional deck boards. The spaces between can fill with fur rather quickly if your pet is prone to shedding, and it’s very tricky to clean them out thoroughly.  A natural wooden tile surface or even a synthetic decking material will solve this problem altogether and eliminate the risk of paws or nails slipping through the gaps. Regardless of the material you use, we have the power washing solution to keep it looking its best year-round.

Creating Backyard Access

If your yard is completely fenced in, you may want to give your pet the freedom to enter and exit the home without your assistance throughout the day. You can find doggy doors at most hardware stores, and they’re surprisingly easy to install!

Turf Installation

If your pet-friendly outdoor living space is in a more urban area, you can also invest in articifical turf. The advantage here is that it can handle waste and wear and tear without getting ripped up and destroyed. As an added bonus, you won’t have to deal with mud tracking into the house after it rains.

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