How to Choose a Pool Cover

How to Choose a Pool Cover

Backyard pools offer peace, comfort, and a refreshing dip during the dog days of summer.  In order to keep your pool area safe and protect it during the off season as well, it’s a good idea to invest in a pool cover. Below we will help you understand how to choose a pool cover.

There are many benefits to having a cover. Most importantly, it’s a safety measure that can prevent children and animals from falling in. Pool covers also keep unwanted swimmers out of the water. Covers absorb sunlight which helps to keep the water warm during the offseason. You will save money in reheating costs. 

Types of Pool Covers

If you are in the market for a new pool cover, do your homework. There are many types to choose from.

Winter Covers

Winter covers resemble a large tarp, float on top of the water, and are held in place with non-permeable water bags. Although they are budget-friendly, they can’t hold a lot of extra weight. Put up a fence around your pool to add an extra layer of protection against animals. Use a bucket or submersible pump to remove extra rainwater.

Mesh Safety Covers

These covers are long-lasting, can sustain extra weight, and are held in place by heavy-duty anchors. Mesh safety covers can also be walked on, but don’t invite a large crowd. They are not designed to handle one.

Solid Pool Covers

They are similar to mesh covers. However, they are made of non-permeable vinyl material, which helps keep snow and water from passing through. Many solid safety covers contain a submersible pump that automatically drains the water that accumulates on top.

Hybrid Pool Covers

A hybrid cover drains like a mesh cover, while filtering UV radiation and finer pollutants like a solid cover. It is the best choice for folks who can’t decide between the two.

Automatic Pool Covers

These covers don’t require anchoring, water bags, or hoisting, and are the easiest to apply and remove. However, automatic covers are expensive as they need to be professionally installed.

Solar Pool Covers

The main purpose of a solar pool cover is to insulate your pool. It keeps the heat in and reduces evaporation.

Why Invest In a Pool Cover

A good pool cover will keep debris out of the water, help reduce evaporation, and save energy.  In a nutshell, it can save you time and money. A cover can keep pool water warm after the heater is turned off. It reduces the amount of UV light that comes into contact with the water so you can use less chlorine. A cover will stop 95% of the pool water from evaporating. With no debris floating around, you can remove the cover and jump in on a warm day. 

Extra Pool Safety

It’s a good idea to install a fence or enclosure around the pool area as well to add an extra layer of security. There are many safety hazards and responsibilities that come with having a pool. The best types of fences to protect a pool area are mesh, metal, and vinyl. 

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