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House Power Washing – Lexington, NC

House Power Washing – Lexington, NC


About Lexington, NC

The Lexington area was at least sparsely settled by Europeans in 1775. The settlers named their community in honor of Lexington, Massachusetts, the site of the first skirmish of the American Revolutionary War. Lexington was incorporated as a city in 1828. Silver Hill Mine, located a few miles south of Lexington, opened in 1838, and was the first operating silver mine in the country.

Lexington’s oldest home, The Homestead, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The oldest surviving house in Lexington is The Homestead, built by Dr. William Rainey Holt (1798–1868), a physician born in what is today Alamance County. The Homestead has windows, sidelights and other Palladian details characteristic of the pattern books of architect Asher Benjamin.

In the twentieth century until the late 1990s, Lexington’s economy was mainly based on textile and furniture manufacturing. Since then, most local manufacturers have moved their production facilities to Asia and Mexico as a way to reduce costs and remain competitive in a global market. This caused the closure of most textile and furniture factories and contributed to economic difficulties for a community that was heavily dependent on these two industries for employment. The Lexington industrial portfolio has since diversified.

In 2023, Siemens Mobility announced that Lexington will be the home of their new railcar manufacturing facility. Siemens Mobility broke ground on the 220 acre facility in August, 2023 with construction estimated to be completed in Fall, 2024 with manufacturing to begin by October, 2024. This facility is going to manufacture railcar’s as well as provide railcar and locomotive overhauling services on the east coast.

Lexington calls itself the “Barbecue Capital of the World”. Since 1984, the city has hosted the Lexington Barbecue Festival, one of the largest street festivals in North Carolina. As of 2003, the city has over twenty barbecue restaurants, an average of more than one per thousand residents. In 2012, U.S. News & World Report ranked Lexington #4 on its list of the best cities for barbecue.

Lexington-style barbecue is made with pork shoulder cooked slowly over a hardwood fire, usually hickory. It is basted in a sauce (called “dip” locally) made with vinegar, ketchup, water, salt, pepper and other spices. The ingredients vary from restaurant to restaurant, with each restaurant’s recipe being a closely guarded secret. While each is vinegar-based, the taste varies widely from tangy to slightly sweet or spicy.

The most distinguishing feature of the “Lexington Barbecue Sandwich” is the inclusion of red slaw (sometimes called “barbecue slaw”). Red slaw is a combination of cabbage, vinegar, ketchup and crushed/ground pepper; it is distinguishable from coleslaw because it contains no mayonnaise. Many Lexingtonians (and visitors) consider red slaw a staple for a quality barbecue experience. Red slaw is commonly served as a side dish with barbecue, grilled poultry and other meats, and on hot dogs as a relish.

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