5 Summer Maintenance Tasks for Your Home

summer maintenance tasks

For many of us, summer means vacations and all manner of fun under the sun. But it also brings forth those two words dreaded by homeowners: seasonal maintenance. While spring and fall carry the heaviest workload, there’s still plenty to do this time of year to keep our homes beautiful, safe, and protected from the elements. The following are five tasks that should be at the top of your summer maintenance checklist.

Clean and Adjust Fans

If your overhead ceiling fans are dirty, wipe them down with a damp rag to remove dust. Keeping fans clean greatly improves air quality in the home and cuts down on everyday dust. Finally, make sure the fans are set to run counter-clockwise to send cool air downward.

Check the Deck

Take advantage of the pleasant weather to inspect your deck for mildew, rotting wood, and rusty metal fasteners. Check for loose deck boards, railings and steps and have necessary repairs made. Once finished, give it a thorough scrubbing and sealing. If you’d like to give your deck a professional’s touch, Peak Power Wash offers pressure washing and deck sealing in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. Pressure washing decks is an important part of preventing wood from cracking, graying, or splintering.

Vacuum Air Conditioner Vents

After another hot summer, AC vents fill up with dust and allergens. Remove air duct covers from the wall and after wiping off the dust, soak them in hot water. Then use the vacuum to suck out as much dust from the ducts as you can. To improve the air quality further, be sure to clean or replace the air conditioner filter. Before putting the vacuum away, clean the vents in the kitchen and bathroom as well. The rooms well smell much better and it might just prevent a future fire.

Trim the Hedge

Clipping bushes is an important, and ongoing, part of keeping a lawn looking beautiful, but it’s also critical for keeping your home cool. When plants come too close to the air conditioner, the unit gets clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris. That can damage the unit, as well as compromise the AC’s efficiency, making it work harder and longer to cool the home. Instead, keep all plant material at least two feet away from the air conditioner, and be sure to trim any tree branches above the unit.

Schedule a Power Washing

One of the most important tasks in protecting your home is arranging a power washing appointment. Summer brings its share of dirt, pollen, tree sap, bird droppings, and other less-than-desirable substances that can streak and stain a home. That debris is no match for a quality pressure washing from Peak Power Wash, however. In just a few hours, we’ll have your siding, deck, fence, sidewalk, and other structures sparkling clean and looking better than ever.

You’ve got enough to do this summer, so leave the pressure washing to us. After 22 years in the business, we’ve mastered the tender touch technique that, when combined with our environmentally friendly detergents, will restore your home’s luster without causing any damage to exterior surfaces. And with Peak Power Wash, we back up every job with a satisfaction guarantee!



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